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Stay Hydrated Inside Out With Refreshing Summer Drinks

The entire country is burning with intense heat. Dehydration is one of the physical problems that occur when the temperature rises. Deficiency of body water occurs due to heat. As a result, the skin becomes lifeless. There is a risk of heat stroke. Therefore, starting from doctors and nutritionists, everyone advises to drink more water during this time.

Drinking water is not enough. To keep the body and skin healthy in summer, you should also rely on some fluids. Know about some beneficial drinks like-

Green tea

Rich in anti-oxidants, green tea removes any kind of inflammation on the skin. It removes toxins from the body. Restores skin’s lost radiance. So drink green tea daily. Hot tea is not meant to be consumed. Instead, you can make cold green tea by mixing mint and ice.

Aloe vera juice

Aloe vera helps keep the body cool. Consuming this juice rich in various vitamins, minerals and amino acids cures many stomach problems. And if the stomach is good, it affects the skin. The amino acids in aloe vera juice also help in reducing skin inflammation. Mix aloe vera peel with water and drink it. You can mix with mint and lemon.

Tomato juice

This winter fruit is also beneficial in summer. Ultraviolet rays from the sun damage the skin. A compound called lycopene in tomatoes protects the skin from sun damage.

Carrot juice

Vitamin A is an essential ingredient for healthy skin. Carrot juice is a natural source of vitamins. Therefore, regular consumption of carrot juice will restore the skin’s elasticity.

Canned water

Bottled water contains natural electrolytes. It keeps the body moist. Canned water is also very effective in keeping the skin youthful. It keeps both body and skin good.

Many people become indifferent to skin care in this summer. Drink these drinks and stay healthy.