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BNP now looking for an excuse to backtrack from election: PM Sheikh Hasina

Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina has said BNP is now looking for an excuse to backtrack from the election process as it knows very well that it would not get any vote from voters due to their evil deeds.

“Actually, they (BNP) are the party of thieves and vote riggers, it is not possible for them to come to power without vote dacoity,” she said while addressing a civic reception accorded to her at Hilton Hotel in Geneva on Thursday evening by expatriate Bangladeshis in Switzerland.

The Prime Minister also made it clear that the next national election will be held on time to uphold the continuation of the democratic trend in the country.

“The election will be held on time, people will cast their vote, people will give the vote to whoever they want as the sole owner of their vote, who gets the people’s vote will form the government. This is the democratic trend, and it will continue,” she said.

Sheikh Hasina, also the president of ruling Awami League, said they grabbed the state power accepting the pre-conditions to sell the resources of the country in the past.

“So, people don’t want them (BNP) anymore and for that reason they do not get votes from the people, and that is why they are looking for ways to step back from the election,” she added.

About BNP’s repeated threat to overturn the Awami League government, Hasina said the government is not so weak.

“There was uproar regarding December 10, they will oust the government, we’re not at that point of weakness that they will topple down us, we’ve people with us, our strength is our people,” she said.

Regarding the BNP’s demand of forming caretaker government during the election period, she said “We’ve formed an independent Election Commission, but BNP is still making the demand of the caretaker government.”

Raising question whether BNP became insane or child, the Prime Minister said once Khaleda Zia claimed that no one is neutral except insane person or child.

“By bringing those thieves to power, by bringing the anti-independence force to power, by bringing murderers, we will not allow Bangladesh to bow down to others,” she added.

BNP now spreading various types of propaganda and resorting dirty tricks to cover up their own weakness, she said, adding, “Those who killed people in broad daylight, those who looted, committed corruption, punished in corruption cases, it is now the main issue whether they will go to elections under the leadership of a convicted and punished person.”

Referring to the sacrifices of AL leaders and activists for the establishment of democracy, the Prime Minister said, “The democratic trend that has been established in Bangladesh today is the result of our movement. My party leaders and workers have given their lives for this. And I narrowly survived the grenade attack.”

Highlighting the benefits of the continuation of democracy, she said, “The country has changed because of unhindered democratic trend, today the country has developed, today Bangladesh has occupied a dignified position in the world.”

Reiterating her determination to build a “Smart Bangladesh”, Sheikh Hasina said that Bangladesh will move forward with the status it has got today. “We will build the hunger-poverty-free, advanced and prosperous smart Golden Bangla as dreamt by Father of the Nation Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman by 2041.”

Appreciating the role of expatriates in any crisis of Bangladesh, the Prime Minister said remittances sent by expatriates play a major role in the country’s economy.

She urged the expatriates to send money through the legal channels, instead of sending remittances to the country through “hundi”.

She advised the people those who interested to go abroad to be aware of and careful about brokers and also urged them to go abroad in a legal way through registration.

Foreign Minister Dr AK Abdul Momen and Law Minister Anisul Huq, among others, were present on the stage.

Expatriate Bangladeshis living in various European countries including Switzerland and AL leaders and activists were present in the event.