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Sugary beverages can cause hair loss

Sugar-sweetened beverages such as regular soda, energy drinks and hot and cold beverages have added sugar and in most cases, they compose various kinds of sugars such as corn syrup, maltose and sucrose.

Sugar-sweetened beverage consumption is linked with various health disorders such as obesity, heart disease, kidney disease and tooth cavities.
Dr Shireen Furtado, Consultant Medical and Cosmetic Dermatology, revealed, “Sugar can be highly addictive and excessive consumption of sugary is closely associated with hair loss in men.

Thus, to keep hair loss issues at bay, Dr Shireen Furtado suggested some easy to follow tips to reduce sugar intake on a daily basis:

Reduce the consumption of high sugary snacks or keep them in moderation.

If the sugar cravings are high, choose natural sweeteners like honey, and adopt a balanced diet that is high in multivitamins, vitamin C, zinc and iron.
Try and consume more regular water, to enhance the taste, you can try natural flavors like cinnamon, cardamom, and choose healthy alternatives like fresh fruits and vegetable juices.

Avoid a high-calorie diet, that is rich in fats and deep-fried foods.

Consume seasonal fruits, and vegetables and choose lean protein.

Though minimal hair loss is normal, if it is chronic and not linked to a particular weather, one should undergo a physical exam to check for factors regarding nutrient deficiency and seek medical advice accordingly.