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How to Keep Your Clothes Fresh During Rainy Season

The rainy season brings the challenge of keeping clothes fresh and dry. Due to the high humidity levels in monsoon, damp clothes bear an unpleasant, and musty smell. Furthermore, wearing these can lead to infection and cold. Let’s take a look into some effective ways to protect clothes from moisture and germs on the wettest of days.

Tips to Keep Laundry Clean and Hygienic in Rainy Season

Washing Clothes Immediately

It’s recommended to wash clothes immediately after exposure to rain. Prompt washing prevents dirt, bacteria, and musty odors from setting in, ensuring clothes stay fresh and clean throughout the damp weather.

Prioritizing Clothes for Laundry

During the rainy season, it’s better to prioritize important clothes for laundry. Washing essential items promptly ensures fresh and clean clothes when one needs them the most. This keeps important clothes ready to wear, regardless of the weather outside.

Pre-soaking Before Washing

Pre-soaking clothes before washing is like a game changer during the rainy season. One needs to fill a bucket with water and a little detergent, then soak clothes for 30 minutes. This helps remove dirt, sweat, and odors, keeping them fresh and clean.
Using Scented Detergent

One may opt for scented detergent while washing clothes during the rainy season. The pleasant fragrance will help combat any musty odor caused by dampness, leaving clothes smelling fresh and clean even in the rainy weather.

Using Fabric Conditioner

Using fabric conditioner during the rainy season is one of the best tips to keep clothes fresh and soft. It not only adds a delightful fragrance but also helps to reduce static and make clothes more comfortable to wear. Additionally, it ensures that clothes stay in great condition throughout the damp weather.

Using Vinegar in the Wash

Adding a cup of white vinegar to laundry can work wonders for eliminating odors from clothes. Apart from acting as a natural fabric softener, vinegar is also an effective antibacterial agent. The result is fresh-smelling and sanitized garments, ensuring optimal hygiene during the monsoon.

Washing in Small Batches

It’s clever to avoid washing clothes in big batches during the rainy season. Washing smaller loads allows for better cleaning and drying, preventing dampness and musty smells. Moreover, it helps clothes to stay fresh.

Removing Clothes Fast from Washing Machine

To keep clothes fresh, it would be wise to promptly remove them from the washing machine when the cycle ends. Leaving wet clothes sitting can lead to mildew and musty odors. By taking them out immediately, one can prevent dampness and ensure clothes stay clean and smell fresh.