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Govt to give incentive to increase summer onion production

The government will provide an incentive of Tk 16.20 crore to some 18,000 small and marginal farmers of the country to increase the cultivation and production of summer onion (late variety) in the 2nd phase of 2023-24 fiscal year.

Under the incentive, each farmer will get 1 kilogram of seed of summer onion Nabee (late) variety, 20 kg of DAP and 20 kg of MOP fertilizer along with Tk 2,000 for land preparation and labour wages from Ministry of Agriculture, said a release.

The press release was sent from the public relations department of the Ministry of Agriculture on Tuesday.

According to the press release, a government order in this regard has already been issued. These incentives will be distributed at the field level soon.

Earlier, in the first phase, 18,000 farmers were given an incentive of Tk 16 crore to increase the production of summer onions.

Planting of onion saplings under the first phase of the incentive are underway and the onions will be available in the market in November and December.