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BNP ‘secretly’ preparing for election: Quader

Awami League General Secretary Obaidul Quader on Sunday said that the BNP is ‘secretly’ preparing for the upcoming elections to safeguard its nomination business.

He made the remarks while speaking at a gathering of AL’s associate body Jubo League at Engineers’ Institution in Dhaka on Sunday morning, UNB reports.

“Awami League is not a party of terrorism or communalism but stands firmly on the side of truth and people, ready to demonstrate its unwavering position at any time,” he said.

“No matter who issues sanctions or employs visa bans, Awami League is not afraid of these things. The strength of Awami League lies in people. It is going to join the upcoming elections with the power of people,” said Quader, also the Road Transport and Bridges Minister.

About Dr Yunus, he said, “The statement  that he published costs two million dollars. Where did all this money come from? Establishing citizens’ committees with the goal of forming a new government like 1/11 is now a thing of the past.”

The people of Bangladesh have already decided whom they will vote for and seventy percent of the country’s people support Sheikh Hasina, he added.