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‘I know I exist, I know I myself have a seat,’ says Najibul Bashar Maizbhandari

Bangladesh Tarikat Federation (BTF) chairman Syed Najibul Bashar Maizbhandari has said he was confirmed earlier that he got nomination from Awami League led 14-party alliance.

He stated it while addressing a press conference at the central office of the BTF at Dhanmondi at about 11:30am on Friday (December 15).

Maizbhandari said: “On that day (at the meeting between Awami League president and leaders of the partners at Ganabhaban on December 4) assurance was given about 5 to 6 seats. I know I exist. I know I myself have a seat. I was told on December 4.

“I went to Ganabhaban on December 4. There were a discussion. I spoke there. Committees were formed on that day. On that Obaidul Quader disclosed the names of several persons openly. He said a decision would be taken about the rest of the seats after talks,” he said.

When his attention was drawn to the nomination of a candidate of Bangladesh Supreme Party in Chattogram-2 seat, Maizbhandari said, “Where will be the status of politics in Bangladesh if someone gets nomination after receiving registration of the Election Commission as a political party just three months ago?”

Supreme Party is not also in the alliance, he mentioned.

Najibul Bashar also asked what is the political background of them? What is their career? You say that someone exists if he holds two or three programmes appearing suddenly in politics. It is a very gloomy sign for the future politics and also for the country.