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Barrister Suman can make the abandoned Chunarughat airport operational if he wins “Mora Gang”



By Matiar Chowdhury:


During the Second World War, the British government built several

airports in the subcontinent to protect and secure themselves from

enemy attacks. Among these, three airports are being built in Sylhet

division with the most important considerations. Another airport was built

right next to it at Kailashor in the present state of Tripura, which is

located in the Unkuti district of the Indian state of Tripura.

Besides, these four airports were very useful to the British in World War

  1. The airports of Sylhet division are Sakutikor Airport which is currently

known as Sylhet Osmani International Airport, Samshernagar Airport

located in Kamalganj Upazila of Moulvibazar District, which is known as

Samsher Nagar Airport. This airport was in operation till 1968, domestic

flights from Dhaka were operated regularly, first from Dhaka to

Samsernagar and then to Salutikor Airport in Sylhet. At the end of the

Pakistan era when a PIA flight crashed while taking off from Samsher

Nagar, the airport was closed by the then government of Pakistan.

Hopefully Samshernagar airport will be reopened after the current

government comes to power, but not for general passengers, this airport

is being used for Bangladesh Airforce. Currently Samsher Nagar Airport

is used by Bangladesh Air Force as their base. Military planes regularly

take off here.

Chunarughat Airport in Habiganj was developed the most, the British

government arranged to keep several fighter planes together in the

bunker of this airport. The British government built underground and

above-ground runways with far-reaching plans. This military airport is

now abandoned. It has been closed since World War II. Today this air

port has turned into a deep forest. After the Second World War, the

Pakistani government also did not pay attention to this

airport. Habiganj’s veteran journalist Mansoor Uddin Iqbal has written a

lot about the same situation even after the independence of the country,

the last member of parliament elected from Chunarughat-Madhavpur,

then the state minister for civil aviation, Mahbub Ali, did not take any


Barrister Syed Syedul Haque Sumon, the war crime tribunal prosecutor

known as the peddler of humanity, was elected from this seat in the 12th

national parliament election of 2024. He is known as Suman in the

country and abroad. He has gained fame by highlighting the

inconsistencies of the society through social media. he has done all

these things which the whole nation knows.

Notable among the promises he made before the election was the

cleaning of the Mara Khoi River, which he immediately got down to work

without expecting a government block. The work is in progress and the

plan is to build Parjton tourist spot here on the pattern of Hatir

Jheel. Syed Mizan, a former councilor of London’s Tower Hamlets

Council and a leader of the anti-apartheid movement, has been working

to make this airport operational for several years. He currently lives

mostly in Bangladesh. Edited an online magazine called

Vajrakant. Today I spoke with my friend Syed Mizan. This writing is at

his request.

We dream a lot about Barrister Syed Syedul Haque Sumon. I believe if

there are a few MPs like him, we will not have to wait long to build

Bangabandhu’s dream of Sonar Bangla. Although I do not know

Barrister Syed Suman personally, I believe that if he is motivated, it is

possible for him to open the Chunarughat Airport. He is the current

Member of Parliament of this AS. He himself announced to develop

Chunarughat-Madhavpur as a tourist area.