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Robbers attack on Rampal Power Plant, 5 hurt

Five security personnel, including two Ansar members, at the Rampal Coal-Fired Thermal Power Plant in Khulna were injured after armed robbers attacked the power plant on Wednesday night.

The attack occurred in the No 5 yard near No 3 tower within the plant’s premises at about 11:30pm.

Deputy General Manager Anwarul Azim reported that approximately 50-60 armed individuals attempted to infiltrate residential areas of the power plant around 11:30 pm. When the guards tried to resist them from entering, the criminals attacked them, leaving them injured.

Of the injured, two were urgently shifted to Khulna Medical College and Hospital, while the remaining three received treatment at the Rampal Upazila Health Complex.

Rampal Police Station OC Somen Das said additional police forces have been deployed to secure the power plant and its surrounding areas, aiming to prevent further incidents and ensure the safety of the plant’s personnel and infrastructure.