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Azizus Samad Don supported upazila chairman candidate Kalam in Shantiganj

Shantiganj (Sunamganj ) Correspondent : Shantiganj upazila parishad election chairman candidate Abul Kalam was supported by Awami League Central Executive Committee member Azizus Samad Azad Don.

On Wednesday (May 22), Shantiganj Upazila Parishad Chairman Candidate, Sunamganj Sadar Upazila Awami League President and former Upazila Chairman Md. Abul Kalam went to meet Azizus Samad Don at his residence in Jagannathpur, he supported him.

He called upon the leaders and activists of various levels of Shantiganj upazila present to vote for the motorcycle symbol.

Chairman candidate Abul Kalam said, I am eternally indebted to the late Abdus Samad Azad, the leader of all of us. I can never forget his contribution to my politics, business, social status. From today we want to walk together. He called upon the activists to remain united under the leadership of Azizus Samad Azad in the future.

Azizus Samad Azad Don said, all of us who form Awami League must obey the instructions of the leader of the people, Sheikh Hasina. Those who disobey this time must be punished. Succession comes to politics – everyone wants it but first you have to learn Jai Bangla slogans, walk on the streets, garner public support.

West Pagla Union Parishad Chairman Jaglul Haider, Jagannathpur Upazila Awami League President Mizanur Rashid Bhuia, South Sunamganj Upazila Awami League former vice president Jasim Uddin, former army officer Saiful Islam, East Pagla Union Awami League former president Majidur Rahman Madhu and others were present.