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Flash floods hit Sylhet’s low-lying areas

Flash floods have occurred in Goainghat, Jaintapur, Companiganj and Kanighat upazilas in Sylhet district due to continuous rains and onrush of water coming from upstream India for the past few days.

Most of the low-lying areas of these four upazilas were flooded. Many roads were submerged causing traffic disruption. Shelters have already been opened by the administration. Flood affected people have started taking shelter in various shelters.

It has been learned that the water level is high in Rustampur Union, Lengura, Daubar, Nandirgao, Purbo and Pashchim Alirgaon, Pashchim Jaflong, and Madhya Jaflong in Gowainghat upazila.

A total of 56 shelters have been opened in 13 unions of the upazila. People are being urged to take shelter in the shelters in high-risk and flood-prone areas through miking, UNB reported.

In addition, the Salutikar-Gowainhat road has been submerged, disrupting communication with the upazila headquarters.

In Jaintapur upazila, the low-lying areas of Nijpat Lamapura, Bandarhati, Moynahhati, Jangalhati, Borkhela, Meghli, Tilkaipada, Fulbari, Nayabari, Horni, Bairakhel, Goabari, Dbir Haor, Ghilatil, Muktapur, Biraimara Haor, Kharubil, Lamanigram, Katakhali, Baurbhag and Baon Haor have been flooded.

However shelters are ready for the people to avail.

In addition, various areas of Companiganj and Kanaighat upazilas have been flooded. Rural roads have been submerged, disrupting communication in many places.

In this regard, Sylhet’s Additional Deputy Commissioner (General) Mobarak Hossain, said that shelters have already been opened in Gowainghat, Jaintapur, Companiganj, and Kanaighat upazilas. According to the latest news, people have started taking shelter in some shelters in Gowainghat. In addition, the district administration has taken all necessary preparations to deal with the flash flood situation. All upazila nirbahi officers have been instructed to monitor the situation round the clock.

Meanwhile, due to the continuous rainfall, the water level of the Surma, Kushiyara, and Sari-Gowain rivers in Sylhet has crossed the danger mark at three points.

According to information provided by the Water Development Board, as of noon on Wednesday, the Surma River is flowing 85 centimetres above the danger mark at the Kanaighat point, the Kushiyara River is flowing 37 centimetres above the danger mark at the Amalshid point in Jakiganj, and the Sari Gowain River is flowing 53 centimetres above the danger mark at the Sarighat point in Jaintapur.

The Sylhet Meteorological Office said that 146.01 millimetres of rain was recorded in Sylhet in the last 24 hours (from 6 pm Tuesday to 6 pm Wednesday).

Shahjahan Mohammad Sajib Hossain, Assistant Meteorologist of the Sylhet Meteorological Office, said that there is a possibility of rain with temporary gusty winds and light to moderate thunderstorms in Sylhet in the next three days.