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A proper religious leader cannot promote extremism or racism

The Executive Mayor of Tower Hamlets has said that we all need solidarity of our human conscience

in order to come out from the terrorist attack in Paris and the aftermath of it. He also said that,

rather than creating divisions on the basis of religion or colour, we should see terrorists as terrorists.

He said this in a meeting held in his office in a unity meeting held on the recent Paris aftermath.  In a

meeting organised by the Mayor, a number of leaders from Muslim, Christian and Jew communities

and local senior police officers took part to express their solidarity.

The new Borough Commander of Metropolitan Police Andrew Young said that the co-operation of

community leaders are very important to face challanges and mentioned that it was very important

for him to come to this meeting with the faith leaders. He assured the leaders that in every

circumstance, police will always be with them.

The Executive Mayor also said that Tower Hamlets always demonstrated its peaceful attitude in any

of the challenging or turbulent situation in Britain or in Europe.

The other speakers mentioned that there is always some extremists in every country and society.

However, the peaceful people are always against it. In a multicultural country like Britain, a real

religious of community leader cannot promote extremism or racism.

Among the speakers who addressed the audience were Inter Forum Chair Father Allan Green,

Council of Mosque Chair Hafeez Shamsul Haque, Executive Director of LMC Dilwar Khan, Jew

Community Leader Leon Silver, prominent Islamic Scholar Mufti Abdul Montaqim, Hindu Community

leader Ram Chandra Shaha, London Citizen Director Neil Jameson and others.

Dilwar Khan said that our prophet was also attacked by other people, he never seek out revenge.

Our scholars has said the same and always asked to counter hatred in a peaceful way.

Leon Silver said, the way the Muslims were tortured or being tortured, Jewish community were

subject of tortured too.  However, the more we can be more humane, the more we could come out

from the crisis created on the basis of religious division.

The youth leaders mentioned that people who went astray are now causing trouble.  To counter

them, the state, parents and education sectors need to play a more strong role.

The Faith Leaders also said that Prophet Mohammad and many other prophets were subject of

torture and sufferings.  But they never seek out revenge.  We all need to promote this teaching of


The speakers decided to meet again to focus on maintain peace and harmony and to promote

messages of peace from each religious source.