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Police installed 52 secret cameras at 20 points of the city

Sylhet Metropolitan Police (SMP) have installed CCTv or  close circuit cameras at 20 points of the

Sylhet city to nab criminals and anarchists. After taking photos by these cameras , they are

conducting raids in various parts of the city. Police said, they have already arrested some criminals

with the help of this technology.

It is observed that SMP has installed 52 secret cameras in 20 busy and risky points of the city.

By setting up a monitoring control room at the head quarters of Sylhet city police at Nayorpool

area, the roads of the city are being monitored.

By using the video picture taken with these cameras, they are making still photos to nab the

criminals. Besides, a team of police are monitoring these video pictures by setting up a mobile

secret observation room in the city. Police said, such secret cameras help them to identify the

anarchists and saboteurs who violate laws in the name of rally and procession. It is now possible to

arrest or disperse those who take preparation for bringing out an unlawful procession.

These secret cameras have been installed in various parts of the city including Zindabazar,

Bandarbazar, Chouhatta, Rikabibazar, Amberkhana, Medical Road, Sheikhghat, Subidbazar, Shahi-

Eidgah, Kumarpara, Nayorpul and Shibganj.

As contacted, Rahmatullah, Deputy Police Commissioner (media) of SMP said, CC cameras have been

set up in various parts of the city with the initiatives of Sylhet city police, City Corporation,

businessmen and individuals. These help them to nab criminals. It is an own matter of police and

they can do many things to catch the same, he added.