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Bianibazar Cancer Hospital is ready to provide its service to community

All the trustees of Bianibazar Cancer Hospital met in LMC Conference Hall in East London on 18

February to discuss the updates on hospital’s activities.  Hospital Establishment Committee President

Shamsuddin Khan presided over the meeting and CEO M Sub Uddin conducted it.  Syed Abdur Rajjak

recited from the Quran at the beginning.

Welcoming the trustees, the CEO said that the first phase of providing hospital service (awareness

and detection) has opened to public on 20 February.  He also urged for more co-operation and

support from the trustees to take the cancer hospital forward.

Among the trustees who addressed the audience were Abdul Karim Najim, Rouful Islam, Suhel

Ahmed Khan, Misbah Uddin, Nasir Uddin, Masum Hossian, Forhad Hossain Tipu, Kabir Uddin, Abdul

Shafique, Monirul Haque, MD Mahtabur Rahman, Bajidur Rahman, Mujibur Hossain Najrul, Iqbal

Hossain Bulbul, Fohad Ahmed Forhad, Jahidur Rahman, Abdul Samad, Nasir Uddin, Abdul Quddus

Shaista Chowdhury, Monjurus Samad Chowdhury Mamun, Hafizur Rahman, Shahidur Rahman Bablu,

Sheikh Mamun, Maruf Ahmed Chowdhury, Dr Kabir Mahmud, Mohammod Ajijur Rahman, Ali Abdur

Rouf Jewel, Abdus Shahid Country Director of the Hospital Tofayel Ahmed Khan.

The speakers urged everyone to make the 9th February Fund-raising and life membership giving

programme successful.