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Labour Party is proud of Rushanara Ali says Shadow Chancellor Ed Balls

Shadow Chancellor Ed Balls have urged to the people of Bethnal Green anf Bow to re-elect Rushanara Ali MP in the upcoming election.  He said the that Rushanara Ali is not just a pride of Tower Hamlets or the Bengali Community , the whole Labour Party is proud of her.  We are proud of her as she is the first Bengali MP of this country.  He also said that if Labour wins, we are hopeful to see her in the cabinet.Shadow Chancellor Ed Balls said this in a fund-raising dinner for Rushanara Ali MP.  The fund-raising dinner took place in 28 January in Red Fort Restaurant in Central London.    Along with Ed Balls, former ministers of Labour party, present MPs and leading member of Bangladeshi Community took part in the dinner.Ed Balls also said that the advancement and achievements of education in Tower hamlets are unprecedented.  Along with the contribution parents and carers, this is a direct output of huge investments in education sector made Labour party.Former Home Office Minister Fiona Mactaggart MP said that Rushanara Ali is liked by all for her uncompromising characteristics.  She proved it by abstaining herself from voting on bombing of Iraq for the second time.Frank Dobson MP said that Rushanara Ali is like her daughter and she proved the quality by working for the East London communities.On her speech Rushanara Ali MP urged the people of her constituency to re-elect her.  She also said that people have been suffering deeply for the wrong policies of Conservative Party.  These are evident in their failures in Bedroom Tax, NHS and education sector.Baroness Paula Uddin said that Rushanara is our pride. We need her for the need of us.  Paula conducted the Raffle Draw.Shabana Mahmood MP presented the event where as fund-raising auction was conducted by Una King.