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Glyn Robbins standing as an MP candidate from Bethnal Green and Bow


Glyn Robbins is standing in Bethnal Green and Bow as the General Election candidate for the Trade Union and Socialist Coalition (TUSC).  He is standing in the election on May 7th because he wants to see an alternative to the cuts, privatisation, racism and war peddled by the establishment parties and a left alternative to the right-wing anti-migrant UKIP, a media release sent by him reads.

Glyn used to be a Labour Party member and voter, but the Labour Party is not offering an alternative for working class people, according to him.  He says, we need politicians who will stand up and fight for public services and oppose the austerity programme that is punishing the poor for a financial crisis caused by the rich.
He has lived in Bethnal Green and been involved in local politics for many years.  He has played an active role in local and national campaigns including Save York Hall, Save Bethnal Green Library, Defend Council Housing and the Stop the War Coalition.  He helped lead United East End, an alliance of local people that stopped the English Defence League (EDL) bringing their racism and violence to Tower Hamlets.

He has worked in housing for over 20 years.  The current housing crisis is causing huge damage to our community, but the mainstream parties have no policies for solving it.  He believe only a national programme of council house building can guarantee decent homes for future generations.

In Bethnal Green and Bow, Glyn says that its need planning policies that put public interests above private profit, which also need to protect our open spaces and demand that public land – like the London Chest Hospital site – are used to build the homes and services we need.