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By Fatema Miah :: The mystical glory vision, under the glary heaven that staring down at the disciples, and there ahead stands the enormous heavenly surrounding wall of boundaries. It enriched the glorious holiness in your vision. The heaven staring down at your, enriches your glorified inner passion, the deep humble, dedication to the Lord of the universe. It draws you towards it, as the Lord the creator, standing behind those boundary walls, gradually pulling you towards its merciful embracement with the purity of its loving shower of cleansing to your entire body and your soul.
“Present here I am, here to you my lord, present here I’m” sound echoing.
The eyes and the attention quickly drawn back to surrounded boundary walls, towards the crowded entrance, quickly. It is so pure, so divine and holly. A reality of divinity like envisage of an adventure of realm.
“Praise to lord” automatically recited.
Moving towards to the Abdul Aziz Gate, uttering repeatedly, ‘here I am oh my lord’. Glancing around, amazed what I saw, people all around, moving along, coming from miles in all direction, are in countless amounts, in mass numbers, they all are the humankind.
“Indeed you are the lord” the cheering recitation applauding in the air. Seems like the entire humankind, marching towards, to please their God, they came to present themselves to their God the creator and they all approaching, from all directions.
“Aaahh! The entire wold’s human.” I felt the whole worl’s population, indiscriminatively, regardless of race, gender, age, physical ability, social status and cultural background; they all commuted to presents themselves, to their Lord of the eternity.
“No other equal to you” unified uttering sounds admitting the uniqueness of the God.
“Present here I am oh my lord, present here I am. All attendees abundantly, uttering. The holy utterances echoing through the heaven and merging into the heavenly tune of the angel’s appraisals, then the whole combination of tone bouncing back to the crowd of pilgrims.
A magical power of inviting touch of sweet and cool breeze together with a mixture of radiance wave, wrapped me around in its miracle cuddle.
“Thank God” an appreciative feeling inside me. I felt the angles showered my soul with holiness and granted me with countless spiritual awards. My little heart began to sing of praise with a sincere gratification to the Lord of the universe.
Standing below the glorious of heaven, where is a cloudless star sparkle sky! There are twinkle of millions of diamonds of jewel glaring down at the arrivals, and welcoming the entrants of pilgrimage.
The soles of the bare feet prickling with the burning heat, feels as if the burning volcanic hell running beneath. An increase of pushing crowd, shoving jolts compress you into a sandwiched between others. There you feel the enormous devil’s power, pushing to prevent you to take the last few steps. Simultaneously, the holy invitation, heartfelt passion, the love of lord and the encouraging praises of the angels of the heaven, pulls you into the entrance. The vision of the arrivals there, makes you feel the state of the day of resurrection, where all the humankind will reappear together, rushing in, to presents themselves before their Lord.
Aaha! What a divide and unforgettable experienced of the lifetime.