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Challenges of English Language Teaching Haor Areas in Bangladesh.

■ Mr. Emdadul Haque Milon ■

Sunamganj has dignity and fame because of its glorious history. History deals with us some personalities such as Hasan Raja, Sha abdul karim, Prof.dewan Mohammad Azrof,Radha Ramon dutta and so on. We are fond of fish and rice. Can we imagine about us that we are dweller of district? Haor is not word and sound it is a divine message for us that we are living here. . Its population is about 27 lacs. Most of the people here fully depend on agriculture. So the economy of the people here are centred in cultivation and farming. If the people of this area get good crops, they remain solvent and happy all the year round. If it’s not, the people are sufferer. So people specially farming community, everything is related to agriculture. It is not only sunamganj but we see the same scene in all wind regions of Bangladesh.

Forth industrial revolution is nocking at the door here soft skills and hard skills as these part of life. But ; what would be language for dealing it? Surly English.

Before starting to analyse the condition of English teaching in educational institutions from primary to higher secondary level in Haor areas, it’s necessary to describe the lifestyle of the people of this arena. In this district, quality education is a far cry. In this case, quality English teaching can’t imagined. For various reasons, English teaching in educational institutions is hampered. There are 11 govt. colleges, 14 govt . secondary School and 250 MPO Schoosl, 33 Colleges & 100 Madrasas as wall as 1433 Govt. Primay School in our Sunamganj District. If we look at the English teaching in those instructions, we can find out the difference between institutions in remote area, especially water areas and urban areas.

Being a gravel of English language student and teacher, I have found some hindrances about poor skill in English . These are:

1. Lack of resources

2. Lack of skilled and trained teachers.

3. Difficulty transport in the haor area during the rainy season.

4. Internet and electricity problems in haor Areas.

5. The financial shortage of teachers are widespread problem in English education.

6. Lack of primary school subject based English teachers.

7. Unconsciousness of parents.

8. At present, boys are not interested in education

9. Classes do not implement CLT method due to lack of skilled English teachers.

10. Lack of budget in the field of education is one of the reasons that is why English subject less forward.

We have tried to find out some problems here, if you have, just share with u.
As anywhere hindrances of something may be given also solutions of them.

Resources come to the first position of something because of it is mandatory for everything. For learning English in Haor area government should stress with the resources of English.

Teachers are the backbone of the nation , since they are working in education sector.

Here skilled teachers of English would be the highest position its. So, authority must be observed about that and take necessary steps.

Communication of transport in Haor area does not tend to go institute of children. They are afraid about that. Especially in rainy season it’s the biggest problem. It would be better if there is any boat school for them.

Forth industrial revolution is the revolution of ICT but there internet and electricity are the most significant part. In that area people do not get available this opportunity. For learning English it is more important than other thing.

As we know that money is the matter of everything . Teachers are the basis of education, inspiration comes from students achievement and their quality education . But when we think about their monthly salary that cannot bear all of needs. Here English teachers are also included. The present government has introduce Haor allowance for government officials and employees in the haor area but 96% of secondary & higher secondary education in our country depend on MPO teachers and are not include in the Haor allowance where 96% employees are absence from this facilities. On the other hand all government employees get 100% festival allowance but MPO teachers get only 25% festival allowance it is also discrimination for the teachers .

In primary level education’s English mentor are not coming English subject or background . Our government should think about that how students will be benefited from others background teachers . The concern authorities should take initiative to introduce quality mid day meal for primary school students.

In rural area’s men nature deals with unconsciousness mentality because of they are not concerned as urban area people. We should be public awareness and try to know them..

An alarming issue that boys are not interested to learn education as wall as English even others class. Our teaching method would be something enjoyable and fun way. I think that students will be connected with this type of activists . Here we may start language club for every Haor Institutes.

Society does not able to work without engagement of the community and people. Joining in a productive work for a dweller of the Haor, especially enhancing level of English language contributes more what beyond our imagination. Authority of government may be uphold task to give all the essential items for learning English language but trying to give something depicts really vital part from our responsibility . Your time, money, research, consultation, suggestion and so on would be valued side of supreme.

CLT stands for Communicative language teaching. In here our teachers can use very little this method. And as from this observation classes must be held CLT.

Less budge d of Education sector it is an another alarming issue for a nation. Government should reconsider about it, especially for English as well as science. On the other hand government and local administration can gift boats to the educational institutions both primary & secodary of Haor region during monsoon season which I believe will increase the attendance of students.In this case, local educators and expatriates can lend a helping hand.

As days are coming , night will come automatically. We are brainstorming what Jhoral Nehru was recited every single day. These are splendid and outstanding verses of the poem of Roberts Frost. Says The woods are lovely, dark and deep.

But, I have promises to keep.

And miles to go before I sleep.

And miles to go before I sleep.

Theses verses are written for us for forewording to touch a milestone of English language learning. If the poet were he will speak about us.


■ Writer ■

Mr. Emdadul Haque Milon
English Teacher
Sonapur Model High School
Join Secretary
Bangladesh English Language Teacher association(BELTA) Sylhet Chapter.
Best Teacher( Upazila Level) National Education Week 2019.
Master Trainer (English) New Curriculum( Upazila level)