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Sylhet People celebrate Tigers’ unforgettable triumph

65Bangladesh yesterday burst into celebration of its ‘unforgettable” victory over England in the ICC World Cup in Australia, sailing the Tigers into the quarter-finals of the biggest cricketing event on earth.

It was chanting, blaring, drumming, singing, dancing and romping all around in the Sylhet and across the country, with students, politicians, educationists, businessmen, sports personalities and cultural activists all out on the streets to congratulate the Bangladesh Cricket team for their outstanding victory.

The celebrations in the Sylhet featured massive processions by ruling Awami League and its front organizations as well as processions by BNP and smaller parties. But the enthusiasm in the opposition camp ended by evening after the BNP-led alliance announced resumption of hartal from Tuesday evening till Friday morning.

BNP Chairperson Khaleda Zia ordered the non-stop blockade and intermittent hartals since January 6 and since then nearly 140 people have been killed across the country in arson and petrol bomb attacks on vehicles and other violence. Now, the cricket frenzy is over for its first phase the country is set to see more violence amid continuing blockade and hartal. The victory at Adelaide gave the country just a day’s respite from the mindless opposition programmes.

Responding to this announcement, jubilant cricket fans of all ages across the country became frenzied and took to the streets to celebrate Bangladesh Cricket team’s historic win over England.

Different socio-cultural organizations including the ruling party have flooded onto the streets, dancing, waving flags and splashing colours in celebration of the national team’s historic victory.

The ruling party’s Sylhet city unit led by city unit’s General Secretary Asad Uddin and Sylhet district and city unit brought out a procession in front of the ruling party’s court point area at noon to celebrate the Tigers historic victory.

Students of School, College and number of NGO workers to join the victory procession and distributed sweets, most of them were chanting Bangladesh, Bangladesh slogans. As a whole, the town dwellers passed a victory day.

People from all walks of life Rajbari flocked to the streets waving the national flags amid the dancing and chanting slogans, honking horns and beating drums cheering the Bangladesh cricket team’s victory over England.

Meanwhile, Bangladesh cricket team dedicated the historic win over England in the ICC World Cup Cricket to the freedom fighters