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Affect of hartal and blocked on educational institutes in Sylhet, students are in despair

44Due to unprecedentedly long hartal and blockade, the education and exams of the students of various educational institute in Sylhet as well as other parts of the country are hampered seriously.

The first year students of MBBS course under the 2014-15 academic session of Sylhet MAG Osmani Medical College have demanded immediate start their classes.“We have already lagged behind for about two months academically than other private medical colleges owing to the ongoing political unrest. We are in tough time because of not appearing any omen to an end to the stalemate till now,” said Sampad Mazumder, a fresher of the course.

Drawing the attention of the PM and the health minister, the, student said: “If the deadlock continues for 10-15 days more, we would face a session jam of one and a half years and finally we could miss our first professional examination as well”. The student went on that the continual meetings between the local administration and the political parties failed to bring any visible solution to the problem.

The Secondary School Certificate (SSC) and its equivalent examinations scheduled on various dates are also being frequently postponed due to ongoing hartal & blockade.Authorities are rescheduling examination dates since the beginning of the same.

Ayesha Begum, an examinee of SSC and a student of Kishori Mohon Girls’ High School, said, We are in tremendous stress due to frequent changing of the dates of the exams. Because of this, we are unable to give exams properly. The ongoing blockade and general strikes of the BNP have largely hampered studies at Shahjalal University of Science and Technology in Sylhet.
No classes and examinations have been held at the university for quite a long time, which have subjected the students to a long session jam. The length of the session jam at some departments has reached as many as four months, with the six-month semesters remaining incomplete even after 10 months.“My fifth semester began in last year but I could not complete it yet,” said Kadir Mahmud, a student of mathematics.

The situation in the remaining 24 departments is practically the same. Students of 2011-12 academic year, who are supposed to be in their seventh semester now, are still doing their fifth semester.The political programmes have jeopardised the future of around 8,000 students of the university, and both the teachers and students remain very concerned.

Last year, it came as a big blow to the students when the authorities closed the university sine die in the wake of the death of a private university student during a gun battle between two Chhatra League factions on the campus.Establishment of dominion on the campus led to the November 20 shootout, which also injured nine people.The university reopened on January 18 this year, but students, much to their disappointment, then had to face political unrest characterised by violence perpetrated during the indefinite blockade and the general strikes.

Exams in many departments could not be held because of the blockade and strikes even though the university opened after a long break, said students.Notepad++ v5.6.2 new features and fixed bugs (from v5.6.1) :