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TUSC Candidate demands action to stop Spitalfields estate demolition

Glyn Robbins (TUSC election candidate for Bethnal Green and Bow) met residents of a Spitalfields estate fighting demolition of their homes.  The Bernard, Brune and Carter (BBC blocks) and others comprising the Holland Estate off Toynbee Street were transferred from Tower Hamlets Council
to East End Homes (EEH) in 2006.  Residents were promised works to improve the whole estate.  Now EEH  propose to demolish it and redevelop the area. The inevitable consequence is residents displaced, a pattern replicated on over 50 estates in London.  But BBC residents are determined to resist demolition. They are demanding  EEH respect the views of residents, and deliver promised improvement works.

Glyn said:

‘ The estate is two minutes from the City and EEH are hoping to cash in by building more homes for the lucrative private market. EEH are trying to divide residents, but the ones I’ve met are determined to stick together, whether they’re EEH tenants, leaseholders or private tenants.’The BBC residents are exploring all options to save their homes, and planning a public meeting to raise their campaign with local politicians.  Glyn, who has worked in housing for over 20 years and is making housing his number one campaign issue, has already said he’ll support the residents and attend a public meeting.  He added:’What’s going on at the Holland estate is wrong.  We need all local politicians, regardless of which party, to demand that EEH delivers its obligations to refurbish, not demolish.  We have to stop housing associations and private developers carving up our borough and destroying our communities.’