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Chhatak is famous for Litchi

54 Chhatak should not be confined to be an Industrial City.There are many kinds of delicious summer fruits also grown here. Litchi is one of them. Thousands of families have been cultivating the mouth watering delicious fruit for hundred years. It is grown in the border side of India.

Manikpur,Godabari,Chanpur are famous for the art. These villages have really name and fame for the cultivation of the juice fruit. It is also supplied to the rest part of our country. There also comes a big amount as outcome.

But in recent years,they have faced a big problem. Litchi growers Habib Mia,Kamal Uddin,Mustak Bura affirm that they will give up litchi cultivation in the coming years as they can not fulfill their needs depending on it.

Natural calamity, like absence of rain,droughts etc force them to sell half ripe litchi. Moreover it has now become a daunting task for them to cultivate it because they get a very poor outcome comparing to the investment