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Crushing vehicles and throwing cocktails from Chatta Dal’s procession

26Bangladesh Nationalist Party (BNP) student wing called the “Jatiyatabadi Chattra (Chhatra) Dal (JCD)”; its current leaders and activities, brought out a sudden procession and broke many vehicles and threw cocktails at Zindabazar of Sylhet city. This incident took place around 4pm in the afternoon on Thursday. They broke at least two CNG fueled auto rickshaws giving slogans. Besides, they blasted 4 booms and panic spread among the mob of Zindabajar. As a result, people started running to and fro. Later Sadar police visited the spot.
The witness said, to protest the 3 days consecutive attacks on Kaleda Zia’s motorcade,  Chattra Dal leaders and their activists brought out a procession from the front of Kazi Manshion. While crossing the city centre located at Zindabazar, they started to breaking CNGs all on a sudden. They also broke a water carried van of  Abu Hayath,  a water supplying institute. Seeing the arrival of police, they ran away. After their departure, the police led by AC Sazzadul Hasan of Sadar thana went to the spot. Going there, AC asked Nazrul   Islam, In-charge officer of the road police , “Where  were you during such incident?” “He went to eat” Nazrul replied. “It will be investigated where you went? AC said. When called to Sohel, an acting officer of Sadar thana for asking about this matter, he did not receive the phone.