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ICC new rule won’t affect Bangladesh, says Mash

33The new playing condition in ODI cricket, announced by the International Cricket Council (ICC), would give Bangladesh some edge, according to Bangladesh captain for limited overs cricket, Mashrafe Bin Mortaza.
The captain said the abolishment of the batting powerplay between overs 15-40 would come as good for his side as Bangladesh historically didn’t do in this period. Bangladesh are used to loss too many wickets in this period in order to accelerate the run rate.
“Historically we didn’t do in this period as a batting side,” Mashrafe told the reporters yesterday. “We are in confusion always to what the approach would be in this time. As a result we are used to loss too many wickets as well as the momentum.”
Generally the good batting side takes the batting power play according to its demand while Bangladesh normally used to take the batting powerplay after 35th over when it becomes mandatory.
“We are yet to hone the skill of improvising the shot well. Until you play the big shots properly, you can’t take the advantages of the batting powerplay.
While most of the side in the world used this powerplay to good effect, we are used to loss our ground.”
“Our middle order also is in pressure when the batting powerplay approaches.”
The ICC Board noted amendments to the ICC playing conditions, which were approved by the ICC Chief Executives’ Committee on Monday and Tuesday. These playing conditions will come into effect for series starting on or after July 5.
Mashrafe however has the trust on his bowlers as he thought his bowlers are more disciplined and careful of not conceding any extra runs. The new condition about ‘no ball’ in which ICC said that all ‘no balls’ will result free hit, thereby, didn’t make Mashrafe worried.
“Our bowlers are more disciplined but didn’t concede too many extra runs or no ball. Our bowlers are no used to give bouncer or beamer which could be the prime reason of no ball. So I don’t think the condition about no ball will be something that would make us worried.”
Bangladesh will play against South Africa under these new rules. The South Africa will play a full series in Bangladesh in the next month including two Twenty20 Internationals, three ODIs and two Tests.