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Nicki Chapman launches the ‘Time to Live’ Breast Cancer Now rose at the HTA National Plant Show

24This year’s HTA National Plant Show, held today and yesterday at Stoneleigh Park (23 and 24 June), was delighted to host the launch of the Breast Cancer Now ‘Time to Live’ rose.

Julie Robinson was introduced by HTA Chief Executive, Carol Paris, who opened the launch discussing her personal experiences with breast cancer and how it has affected her and her fellow ‘Breakthrough Babes’ from the Sutton Coldfield regional group.

Peter Hull from Nursery Fresh then discussed how they got involved with the project at the start, bringing the rose to market and making the rose available for garden centres to retail.

Carol Paris then introduced Nicki Chapman, who talked her about own experiences, bringing home the fact that one in eight women will be diagnosed with breast cancer in their lives. Launching the rose, Nicki said “The rose is a celebration in remembrance of those lost and survivors, and brings hope to those that are still being affected.” The rose will help Breast Cancer Now in their efforts to ensure that by 2050 everyone affected by breast cancer survives.

£1 from every sale of the rose will be going to Breast Cancer Now and their fundraising efforts, with the option to donate an additional pound upon purchase.

Every day over 135 women are diagnosed with breast cancer. It is only with continued funding that Breakthrough Breast Cancer are able to invest in vital breast cancer research that ensures these women, and all others diagnosed with breast cancer, receive the best possible treatment. The rose will make a significant difference to the lives we are able to save. It is possible within 35 years to stop all women dying from breast cancer. This will be an incredible achievement, but it is only possible with continued fundraising support. Breast cancer has already taken too many lives. It’s time to put an end to it.

The Breakthrough Rose has be available to purchase at the show, selling out before the launch had even started.