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Muslim Aid urges public to remember Gaza one year on from deadly Ramadan conflict

This July marks the one year anniversary of the devastating conflict in Gaza which claimed the lives of thousands of people and devastated many more.  Lasting for seven weeks and continuing through the month of Ramadan, over 2,000 people died, more than 11,000 were injured and 60,000 homes were destroyed, leaving around 100,000 people homeless.

Muslim Aid was on the ground in Gaza before the ceasefire, and raised over £4million last Ramadan, which has gone towards emergency aid and long-term development.  One year on, the charity urges people not to forget, and continue to show support this Ramadan for those in need.

A spokesperson for Muslim Aid said: “The assault in Gaza may have come to an end many months ago but the humanitarian situation in Gaza continues to be at a record low, as thousands lack basic items as well as adequate food and clean water to keep them healthy.

While many needs are yet to be met, the situation is only getting worse as time goes on. Last year we raised record-breaking funds for Gaza during Ramadan, and this Ramadan we appeal to the public to continue to support Muslim Aid’s substantial work to alleviate the suffering of those in Gaza.”

Muslim Aid has so far provided 15,000 litres of fuel for hospital generators, medicine and medical equipment for 10,000 people, blood supplies for 8,000 injured individuals, and an ICU ambulance and intensive care unit which benefitted over 10,000 people. Food was also provided to 8,600 people in addition to hygiene kits, clothing and household items for over 6,000 people

However, long-term support is needed as people have seen their livelihoods taken away with factories, farms and other places of work destroyed, further exacerbating the poverty which the people of Gaza already suffer daily.

Palestinians and international aid agencies are desperately attempting to reconstruct Gaza and repair the estimated $7.8 billion worth of damage caused by the assault, but it has proven more difficult than initially anticipated.

Muslim Aid’s work continues to date and will soon extend to provide more food and hygiene kits to families along with psychological support to provide relief to victims of trauma.