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How to make ghee at home

39Homemade ghee has got its own taste and texture. While health benefits of ghee are known to be immense, making ghee at home contrary to the perception is not so cumbersome. So here is how can simplify the process of making ghee at home.
Cream it: Store the cream on a daily basis in a safer container – either high quality plastic or a steel container. After your boiled milk is cooled, a layer of cream is formed. Collect this layer of cream in a container. Refrigerate it. For three to four days, keep on filling the container with layers of cream after you have boiled the milk. Once you think enough amount of cream has been stored to make adequate ghee, get set to prepare homemade ghee.
-Take out the cream from the refrigerator and transfer the contents into a larger pan. Allow the cream to thaw for one or two hours.
-Now, on a slow flame allow the cream to melt while stirring. Ghee preparation time will depend on the quantity of the cream. The ghee will separate itself from the cream sediment which will remain at the bottom of the pan.
-Let it cool. Filter the ghee and transfer it to a container. Discard the sediments that remain after your filter.
-Traditionally, the centrifuge method is applied, which gives rise to more yield of ghee. However, since it is time consuming, preparing straight from the cream can equally be a shortcut you can try at home.