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Justice is suffering while beheading and rendition Resumes in Saudi

By Fatema Miah

On the 28th of July 2015, Saudi beheading news published on the front page with a full picture. In the

picture it shows a scene of the beheading individual is blind folded forced down on his knees among few

other people, including uniformed police officers, another official and the be-header dressed up in

traditional white Arab long robe/costume and ringed up scarf on his head, who is raising a sword up in the

motion to behead the blind folded person on his knees. A horrific scene of heartless act of cruelty in the

open and the news published on the front page. Is it the matter of ego or the arrogance?

In the scene the beheading person is reported; al-Hadissane who was found guilty of smuggling a large

amount of hashish, the Interior Ministry said in a statement before the official Saudi Press Agency. The

execution took place in the Al-Ahsa region of eastern Saudi Arabia in open. Is beheading a right kind of

punishment for such crime?

We British do have diplomatic alliance with Saudi, collaborate with them in their political affairs and have

been assisting them on their war against their neighbourly rivals while Saudi has no proper justice system

of law and order in place. Let alone to have a democratic system, Saudi failing to perform Islamic rule of

justice (sharia – balance of fairness and indiscriminative) because Saudi does not comply with basic

fairness of justice.  Rather Saudi princess do abuse their power discriminatively against groups, individuals

and tribes.

Is beheading an Islamic act? No, Beheading was a pre- Islamic acts of punishment for Planned Murder

cases for centuries and such acts of punishment carried out by local councils/ authorities throughout the

world. Islam has brought a fair Justice System of judgement. During the reign time of Mohammed the last

prophet (peace be upon him) there has been no cases of beheading practice in the name of justice. It was

in the West; Western Europeans specially the Roman and Greek were renowned for their beheading

practice within their Justice system.  However, more of beheadings took place due to personal dislikes and

motive of avenge to assert power rather than for the justice itself.

A commentator wrote ‘the Saudi rulers condemn ISIS/Daesh for its horrific crimes and barbaric behaviours

(as they should) while conducting similar practices at home. The Saudi system has chopped off 102 heads

thus far in 2015. Some people had their heads cut off for crimes that are treated in rehabilitation centres

and by imprisonment in civilized societies, where the rule of law is applied.’ Commentator claimed that

‘what most people don’t know is that the Saudi State’s arbitrary beadings, floggings, heavy fines and

lengthy imprisonments are not necessarily carried out to ensure justice, but to terrorize a whole


As well as Saudi failing to comply with fair justice system, Saudi treating their human right Lawyers

unfairly.  Saudi Human right activists are punished with harshness for raising human right issues against or

before the government. There is no government to govern Saudi, frankly, it is the rule of power and

kingship in Saudi. It is not matter of what is the issue rather it is matter of who is it about. Power Play


Here is a case study: Seven human right organisations working together on Mr Badawi’s case. Mr Badawi

wrote ‘1000 lashes because I speak of what I think of’. Mr Badawi the Saudi Human right activist has been

punished to have 1000 lashes and imprisonment for a crime of advocating the freedom of speech and

equal right in Saudi, while murder case of a five year old baby girl, who was killed by her fanatic father as a

result of violent rape and further horrendous physical genital assaults by burning with ignition lighter, the

culprit was set free with a small fine of twenty thousand dirham.  The case was dismissed at first instance.

After a long battle by the children’s services and other organisations; the case eventually set in the court for

a hearing together with the hospital report, relatives’ statements and victim child’s pictures with her

statement. It is very sad and absolutely shameful that the criminal father after all was ordered a fine of

twenty thousand dirham and freed.  Value of human basic right is equal to nothing in Saudi, where Islam

was established to free human being from Arabian tradition of discrimination for equality and fairness.

Where Islam stopped the Arab harshness attitude and culture of killing their girls by burying alive, there in

this 21st century more daughters are not only killed by father shamefully horrendously raped and killed by

own father, while raping is a crime in the international law and forbidden (haram) act for Muslims,

moreover, father is the 1st, the prime (Mehram) guardian or the protector for a girl.  Justice is surely

suffering in Saudi.   Inequality is a norm there and tricks played in the political sphere, for instance while

driving is band for women in Saudi there a woman from a certain family of Saudi Arabian was allowed to be

trained and became an air craft pilot.

Fatema Miah, Solihull, UK