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Portrait of Baul Instillation at Barbican Centre

50Ansar Ahmed Ullah ::

As part of Interfaces showcase of art, London based Bengali photographer Enamul Hoque will be displaying Baul installation from 21 August to 23 August at the Barbican Centre, London.

From interactive portraits to virtual reality technology, atmospheric realities to enlightening data visualisations Interfaces will explore the world that emerges when art and technology collide.

Over the past twelve months, twenty practitioners have developed cutting-edge new work, covering everything from sculpture, installations and physical performance to coding, film editing and digital art which will be exhibited at the Barbican Foyers. Together, these artists have taken a diverse approach to interrogating how human experience can be transformed by multi-media art practice.
Enamul Hoque is a photographer, filmmaker & lens based artist. He has over eighteen years experience as a creator, producer, director of photography and film projects. His photographic work has been featured in various international magazines and exhibitions.
Enamul has worked on assorted national and international campaigns for brands such as General Motors, Kodak, Nike, Virgin, Sony, Unilever and YKK among others. His photography projects & short films has been exhibited and screened in museums and galleries such as American institute of Architecture, Guggenheim, ICA, Royal Festival Hall. MUDAC as well as other creative institutes around the world.
Hoque is also a film maker and a partner in UNDERBELLY FILM and has been creating and producing films since 2003. Enamul collaborates with others at Underbelly Film where they design and direct moving image and motion graphics for short films, idents, title sequences, virals, promos and video installations.