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Council calls for restraint

55A man was recently arrested and charged with threatening behaviour following an incident at the Tower Hamlets Council car pound.

Customers who attend the council’s car pound are often angry at having had their vehicle removed for parking illegally and having to pay charges to retrieve their vehicle.

Sadly this can lead to the cashiers at the pound being at the end of a torrent of abuse and threats.

One such incident occurred in June 2015 when a customer threatened to stab a cashier, and made threats towards the council worker’s family.

This left the officer severely shocked and upset.

A young man was later arrested and subsequently charged with threatening behaviour and criminal damage.

The council strongly believes that none of its direct or contractor staff should be subjected to this sort of behaviour from members of the public.

Dealing with people on the front line can sometimes be extremely challenging, especially for officers within the car pound where it is often a daily occurrence.

Despite this kind of abuse, the council’s parking contractor, NSL, and council staff always display professionalism when dealing with customers, which remains at the forefront of their role.

Council officers work hard to maintain safe and efficient traffic flow across the borough and provide safe and fair parking space for all road users and aim to deliver customer care at all times.

Cllr Ayas Miah, cabinet member for environment said: “Staff at the car pound should be commended for continuing to operate effectively in what can be a difficult environment. We understand that people can be upset when faced with a bill to retrieve their vehicles but we plead for restraint and ask residents to follow the correct complaint procedures if they have an issue.”

“Thankfully the majority of residents and visitors to the borough who collect their vehicles are well behaved. We thank NSL for their continued high level of service and urge all residents and visitors to respect staff who are simply trying to do their jobs.”