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London’s mayoral election is a referendum on London’s housing crisis – Sadiq Khan

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Sadiq Khan, Labour’s candidate for Mayor of London, on Wednesday pledged to turn next May’s battle for City Hall into “a referendum on London’s housing crisis”.

On the final day of Labour’s conference in Brighton, Sadiq Khan said the housing crisis is “the greatest challenge facing our city that now affects all Londoners, regardless of age or income”.

In his speech, Sadiq outlined his plans to establish a new team in City Hall called “Homes for Londoners”, to fast track the delivery of affordable homes across the capital.
He attacked the Government’s upcoming Housing Bill, dubbing it the “No Home Of Your Own” Bill, and challenged his Tory opponent to vote against it.
He committed to fight for more powers for London over housing, skills and other areas
He vowed to make Labour the “party of home ownership.”

On his speech, Sadiq Khan said that “This election will be a referendum on the housing crisis. It now affects all Londoners, regardless of age or income.
“Home ownership is falling every year – with an entire generation standing no chance of owning their own home.
“Londoners are spending more and more of their wages on rent.
“Every year thousands of Londoners are forced out of our city, because they can’t afford to put a roof over their heads.
“And we have the shameful sight of charities buying bus tickets for the homeless so they can sleep on a night bus.”

On Homes for Londoners, he said that, “I’ll set up a new team of housing experts in City Hall called ‘Homes for Londoners’. They will fast track the building of genuinely affordable homes to rent and buy.
“We will make Labour the party of homeownership.”

On Housing Bill, the Mayoral candidate said, “This bill will force Councils to sell off their family homes – with no guarantee that they won’t be sold to foreign investors. “It will sell of housing association homes in London – the last remaining genuinely affordable homes.
“I’ll do everything I can to stop this bill and I challenge my Tory opponent to do the same.”

He also said that “London needs more power over housing. Too much is run from Whitehall rather than City Hall.
“That’s why I’m campaigning to get the powers and funding our city deserves.”
“More powers over housing, skills, jobs, health and crime. I’ll work with people from across the political spectrum to get the best possible deal for Londoners.”