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UK will see many Bangladeshi MPs in future: Labour Friends of Bangladesh

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Election of three Bangladeshi MPs in British Parliament has been seen has a huge success in the annual conference really of Labour Friends of Bangladesh, where the participants also expressed of their hope of electing many more Bangladeshi MPs in future.
Along with many members of Labour Friends of Bangladesh, senior leaders of Labour part were present at the celebration.  Among them were Rushanara Ali MP, Rupa Haque MP, Shadow Chief Secretary to Treasury Sheema Malhotra MP, Chuka Umana MP, John Speller MP, Don Butler MP, Jonathon Ashwood MP, Marry Craig MP, Stephen Teams MP, Care Stemmer MP, Shabana Mahmud MP, Bangladeshi High Commissioner to the UK M A Hannan, Chair of Labour Friends of Bangladesh Howard Dover, Organising Secretary Abul Bashar and Regional Political Secretary of Communication Workers Union Alan Tait and others.
On his welcoming speech, Chair of Labour Friends of Bangladesh Howard Dover said that Labour is the only party who nominates Bangladeshi candidates in its safe seats.  He expressed his hope to see more Bangladeshi MPs in British Parliament.
Even though Tulip Siddiq was not present at the rally for family reason, her success has been discussed a lot in the rally.  Her selection in the shadow cabinet was seen as a huge achievement for the Bangladeshi community.
Organising Secretary of Labour Friends of Bangladesh Syed Abul Bashar said the association between senior Labour leaders and British Bangladeshis will strengthen with this conference. He also mentioned that his organisation is working tirelessly to enhance the possibilities of British Bangladeshis obtaining senior posts in Labour Party.  Seeing Tulip’s selection in shadow cabinet, he expressed his hope that once Labour Party is elected, Tulip could become a full Secetary.
Shadow Chief Secretary Seema Malhotra MP said that British Bangladeshis are always plays a significant role the success of Labour Party and expressed her hope that the association between Labour Party and British Bangladeshi will strengthen more in future.
Chuka Umanan MP said that he wants more Bangldeshis in every government fields in the UK.
Elected first time as a British MP, Rupa Haque said that she sees herself as a proud second generation British Bangladeshi. She also said that Labour should ensure the ethnic minority vote banks to secure the future elections.  He mentioned the British Bangladeshi community as a leading ethnic Community as this is representing three British Bangladeshi women MP.
On her speech, Rushanara Ali MP expressed his heartfelt gratitude to the British Bangladeshi community in the beginning of her speech.  She said that without the help of the community, it would never be possible to be elected as an MP in 2010 general election. He also thanked labour leaderships to bring equality and diversity in labour leadership.