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Not attending the seminar after confirming is an upsetting act of BNP: Lord Eric Avebury

92Not attending an international seminar, confirming it beforehand, is an upsetting act of Bangladesh Nationalist Party. The leaders of this party is travelling abroad, taking treatment and attending other meetings, but failing to attend an important event. Vice-chair of All Party Parliamentary Human Rights Group and senior member of House of Lords, Lord Eric Avebury told this in a seminar.  He commented this in ‘Democracy – Election and Role of Law in Bangladesh’ held on 27th October in House of Lords.
Members of Lords, MPs and members of international human rights groups attended this seminar, however, the opposition BNP failed to attend this seminar protesting about harassing their leaders and activists in Bangladesh.
Lord Eric Avebury presided over and Chair of All Party Parliamentary Group Anne Maine MP conducted the seminar which was organised by All Party Parliamentary Group.
Guests who took part at the event were Advisor to the President of Bangladesh H T Imam, Tarana Halim MP, former minister Abdul Matin Khasru, Selim Uddin MP and Fakhrul Islam of Jatio Party, Bangladeshi High Commissioner to London Mohammad Abdul Hannan, international human rights activist Foyez Abbas, Lord Karlaile, Bob Blackman MP, Jim Fitzpatric MP and others.
The speakers discussed about the current affairs of Bangladesh, human rights situation, trial of war criminals and the democracy there.
In his speech, H T Imam said that Bangladesh is advancing with the leadership of Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina.  However, anti-liberation force and extremists groups are trying to push the country back and trying to destabilise the country.  However, the government is carefully observing the situation.
Tarana Halim MP said that the judicial department in Bangladesh is fully independent and Sheikh Hasina’s government has zero tolerance on violence and extremism.
The speakers also discussed about the attack on minority, blogger killings and recent killing of two foreigners.