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Safety first at Barts Health

41Patients and visitors at Whipps Cross University Hospital are now able to immediately identify the senior nurse on their ward following the launch of new ‘Nurse in Charge’ badges.

As part of Barts Health’s drive to ensure safe and compassionate care, the distinctive red badge will be worn by the senior nurse on every shift at the hospital.

Associate Director of Nursing (Medicine) at Whipps Cross, Andy Daly said: “Patients and visitors told us they didn’t always recognise who was in charge of the ward.

“This badge is a quick and simple solution, and is already being welcomed by staff and patients alike.”

This is just one of a range of improvements detailed in the first of a monthly progress report that will provide regular updates on Barts Health’s journey to deliver safer, more compassionate care.

Working closely with doctors, nurses and partners across health and social care, the Trust has developed a plan that will make lasting improvements to care for all patients.

The plan has seven key areas, including making safety an absolute priority at all times, making sure patients get care and treatment in a timely way, and developing appropriate care plans for patients nearing the end of their life.

As part of this work Barts Health has trained 40 doctors and nurses to be ‘safety champions’, acting as local leaders and experts, is recruiting 500 more nurses and midwives and putting in place ‘safety huddles’ to make sure staff are confident to speak up and act on any concerns they have.

Alwen Williams, chief executive, explained: “Our patients deserve safe and compassionate care every single time they use our services and our staff deserve to have a positive experience of working here. With this plan, I know that we can achieve these improvements.

“I would like to pay tribute to all of our staff who are continuing to prioritise caring for patients every day and night, at a time of great demand on our services. I would also like to thank our patients and our partners locally and nationally who are supporting us to make these improvements.”