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Parliament Week 2015:Minister for Constitutional Reforms hosted Youth Ambassadors and Leaders

49In celebration of Parliament Week 2015, the Cabinet Office and John Penrose MP, Minister for Constitutional Reforms hosted Youth Ambassadors and Leaders Reception at the Houses of Parliament on Thursday, 19th November. The event was in appreciation of young people’s efforts to educate, engage and involve their peers in politics. Syeda Tasmia Tahia, from Waltham Forest, founder of the #ivote2015 digital voter engagement campaign, was among the attendees.

The Reception celebrated the power of peer to peer engagement to develop political understanding and social action amongst young people. Organisations like UpRising UK, British Youth Council, UK Youth Parliament, vInspired, Citizens UK, etc were invited to nominate their most proactive young members.

“It is important we recognise the efforts of young people in engaging their peers with politics and the democratic process”, Mr Penrose said in his address to the young people. He then led a 45 minute long consultation with the Young Ambassadors and Leaders about ways to engage young people with politics and democracy, as well as  their own personal journeys with political engagement. The ambassadors also had the opportunity to network and share their experiences of engaging their peers in the democratic process. They then split into various groups, to discuss the issues around youth democracy

“I am very proud to be able to represent my peers and also helping them recognise their rights and responsibilities as the young citizens,” said Tasmia. “It was in this building that I first came up with my campaign. I was at the launch of UpRising’s My Voice My Vote programme. The statistics regarding youth participation and first time voting were absolutely dismal, which motivated me, as a first time voter, to educate my peers on the importance of voting.” Of UpRising’s support, she said “UpRising’s My Voice My Vote taught me valuable skills regarding digital campaigning and helped me build networks which were integral to the success of my campaign.”

London City Jobo Dol organised a discussion meeting to observe Biplob and Shanghati Dibosh in a restaurant in East London on 7th November.  Vice-President of London City Jubo Dol Suhedul Hasan presided over the meeting and founder Joint Secretary of UK Chatro Dol and present Co-Organising Secretary of London City Jubo Dol Md Musharaf Hussain conducted it.
President of UK BNP M A Malek was present as the chief guest.  While addressing the audience, he said that everyone needs to understand the importance of Biplob and Sanghati Dibosh.  He also mentioned that on that day, soldiers and officers put Zia Ur Rahman in power who established the right of vote for the citizens of Bangladesh.  He also urged all the BNP and opposition activist to join the movement to topple the current government and get united under the leadership of uncompromising leader of Bangladesh Khaleda Zia and her son Tareque Zia.
Leaders and activists who were present in the event included Vice-President of UK BNP Abul Kalam Azad, former President Shayesta Kuddus Chowdhury, BNP leader Mamun, Kamal, Khasru, Jubo Dol Convenor Dewan Mokaddes Niaz, International Secretary of Jubodol Enalmul Haque Liton, Jubodol leader Mansur, Shakil, Liton, Jamal, Shamim Ahmed, Alauddin and others.