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Chef Online’s Road Show in Sussex

41Chef online organised a road show in Sussex as part of it’s contentious road shows in different cities in the UK.  This time it was held in Bexhill city in Sussex on 25th January.
Community leader and local businessman Abdul Mokit presided over the Road Show which was held in a local restaurant. Guests who addressed the audience included Managing Director of Chef Online Mohammod Munim Salik, Marketing Director Akhtaruzzaman, Caterer M A Karim, Golam Rabbani Sohail, Akmol Hossain, Syed Umor Ali, Caterer Abu Ahmed Khasru, Mostaque Ahmed, Mohammod Shahin and others.
The speakers said that now in these days, there is no alternative to online businesses.  The Chef Online officials said that they aim to change the total spectrum of takeway business through Chef Online.
The organisor Abdul Mokit, expressed his gratitude to all who attended the event and helped to make the event a success.