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Redbridge Welfare Association UK celebrates International Mother Language Day

48We can now stand proud and say that we are Bangladeshi and Bengali is our Language.  All the languages around the world are now recognized internationally as a result of the sacrifice of lives of Bangladeshis.  Everybody of us will need to work together to promote and retain this language amongst everybody.
The speakers told this in a meeting organised to celebrate International Mother Language Day by Redbridge Welfare Association.  The meeting was held in Jack Cutter Centre in Ilford on 24th February.
President of Redbridge Welfare Association Mahbubur Rahman Qureshi presided over the meeting and General Secretary Atiqur Rahman Liton conducted it.  Guests who took part in the International Mother Language Day included Vice-President Fajlur Raman, Khalilur Rahman Koysor, Tanvir Ahmed, Co General Secretary Suheb Ahmed, Treasurer Fajlu Islam, Membership Secretary Mohammod Harun and others.
Parvez Ahmed was overall responsible for co-ordinating the event.  Guests who were present included Abul Kalam, Hafiz Uddin, Jewel Akand, Mohammod Abdul, Nizam Chowdhury, Ekramul Rahman, Hasanul Kabir, Harunur Rashid and others.
Hafeez Hafeez Uddin recited from the Quran in the beginning.
President Mahbubur Rahman Qureshi spoke about the importance on retaining the language amongst the new generations.