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Tower Hamlets Independent group organises press conference

6Tower Hamlets Independent group organised a press conference on 25th of March in a restaurant at

Whitechapel where the councillors questioned about the competency of the Mayor in delivering this

year’s budget.  They also mentioned that even though he had 242 pounds for this year and reserve

71 million pound, yet he completely failed to deliver a budget which reflects the interests of the


As a result of this conflicting budget, many of the services has been limited of curtailed such as

service for children who are suffering from mental health, Incontinence laundry service, service for

the autistic children and others.  The new Mayor also increased the council tax by four per cent and

still the budget showed a deficit of 63 million pounds.

Independent group leader Cllr Alaur Rahman fiercely condemned the budget and told that this

budget again demonstrated the anti-community face of John Biggs. He also said that this budget is a

result of the plot with Tory Party in the last election.  He also said that this budget is not to preserve

the interest of general public but to appease Tory Party.

He also said that Independent group offered a budget which was very community-friendly, where

there was no cut children services,  no increase for council tax, no closure of Queen Mary Nursery

and there was no cut for free adult social care service and many more which is always what the

demands of general public.

However, without listening to this community friendly budget, Mr Biggs made a plot with Tory party

and passed the budget which by no means reflects the interest of the community.

The presented Independent group councillors fiercely condemned and rejected the budget which

has failed to demonstrate the interest of general public.

On an another press release, Tower Hamlets Independent Group has expressed their pleasure as no

evidence was found in the 12 month long investigation by Met police.

Independent group leader Cllr Alaur Rahman expressed his deep pleasure at the police report and

mentioned that election law doesn’t necessary mean to control  freedom of choice of general people

or limiting their political right.

He also emphasised that, Tower Hamlets Independent Group always maintained that all the charges

brought against the former Mayor Lutfur Rahman would be proven false.  The report of the special

police inquery team has reflected that truth.

On the other hand, Tower Hamlets Independent Group organised a protest meeting on 19th of March

to protest the gathering of Islam phobic Britain First.

Guests and leaders who were present at the meeting included Reverend Allan Green, Executive

Director of East London Mosque DelwarKhan, Mayor of Tower Hamlets John Biggs, Umesh Desai and

other trade union, business and community leaders.

Other participants were  Cllr Abdul Asad, Cllr Ansar Mustakim, Cllr Rubina Khan, Cllr Mahbub Alam,

Cllr Ahad Ahmed, Cllr Mayum Miah, Cllr Aminur Rahman, Cllr Shah Alam, Cllr Golam Kibria

Chowdhury, Cllr Suluk Ahmed and others.

Guests who addressed the audience included Cllr Alaur Rahman, Delwar Khan, John Biggs, Umesh

Desai, AK M Abu Taher Chowdhury, Allan Green, and others.

The speakers fiercely condemned the recent gathering of Britain First in front of East London and

urged the general public for resistance should there be any islamophobic action or any religiously

hatred in the future.