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How long freedom fighter quota to more?

31By Siraji M R Mostak :

The freedom fighter quota of Bangladesh is matter of disgrace and discrimination. It has defamed the glorious history of liberation war. There is no country in the world have such controversial quota. The inhabitants of all countries respect their freedom fighters with deep esteem. They never maintain quota policy as we do. They believe that liberty is never acquired by someone. It is result of collective efforts. Only front fighters are not owners of all dignity. Victory is achieved also by martyr, wounded, prisoner, refugee and common people. These all are freedom fighters irrespective of their role, contribution or sufferings, low or high. Of them, if someone is listed as fighters, others must be deprived or neglected. If someone is owed quota facilities, others are discriminated. It is contrary to war policy. Yet this, the devious freedom fighter quota has been lumbered down on Bangladesh. None knows that how long this quota will discriminate our nation to more.

The 16 December 1971, on independence, there were no differences of freedom fighters, martyrs, prisoners, refugees, and common people. Then all of them were freedom fighters. The father of Bengali nation Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman clearly declared them all freedom fighters in a speech on 10th January 1972. He did not separate three millions of martyrs from freedom fighters lists. He endowed special title to only 676 fighters in four categories. Besides these fighters, he declared all of seventy five million people as common fighters. Then there was none but recognition of freedom fighters. The father himself, four national leaders and Commander-in-Chief General Osmani willingly introduced themselves as common freedom fighters. Now they are not in the list of freedom fighters. There are only about two lac freedom fighters and 41 women as heroine listed. They all are availing freedom fighters quota amenities. As the great heroes, the three millions of martyrs and two lac desecrated women are extracted from freedom fighters lists, their offspring are now deprived of the quota facilities. It indicates that they were not real freedom fighters, they might be collaborators. Only quota beneficiaries or listed two lac freedom fighters fought and conquest independence. No other than quota beneficiaries have any contribution in liberation war any more.

After the assassination of Sheikh Mujibur Rahman the freedom fighters list had been manifold. The corrupted politicians exploited about two lac freedom fighters as real list. They initiated quota with handsome amenities to them. Now those facilities have extended to their offspring and future progeny. The progeny are getting priorities in all sectors like jobs, admissions and others. From last few years, it has been accomplishing seriously. Government issued an order that from independence 1971 to now, if there had any gap to comply 30% freedom fighters quota, it has to be fulfilled now. So all sectors maintained only freedom fighters quota for few years. The corrupted and controversial medical admission 2015 is an example of it. For intrusion of freedom fighters quota, all sectors of Bangladesh are now biased and corrupted by clumsy servicer’s. Bangladesh has become a bottomless basket now for this quota. It seems, within few years Bangladesh will face a reckonable famine as 1973-74. Then the famine was caused for intervene of named freedom fighters. About five millions of Bengals were died for starvation in that famine. Now same intervene by their offspring is affecting similarly.

The freedom fighter quota has created a severe discrimination and division in Bangladesh. Quotas avoided are in the sea of ignorance. More than two millions of post graduate candidates are feeling discrimination in employment for intrusion of freedom fighters quota now. Day by day the problem is increasing. The number of three million martyrs has been doubtful and cynical. It seems that the martyrs laid down their lives in collaboration with Pakistani armies. As they are out of present freedom fighters list, they might be collaborators or razakars. The partial list of freedom fighters and the controversial quota policy has made suspicion on the number of martyr. It has threatened country’s independence and sovereignty. If freedom fighters quota exists, we will be distinct also.

The controversial quota should be discarded immediately. Herewith the seventy five million Bengals of 1971 with all martyrs, prisoners and refugees should be declared freedom fighters. Thus 170 million inhabitants of Bangladesh now will be recognized as descendants of freedom fighters. This will unify the nation.

I therefore, respectfully ask the Honorable Prime Minister and all conscious people of the country to how long will exist the illegal, discriminatory and controversial freedom fighter quota to more.

Advocate, Dhaka. mrmostak786@gmail.com.