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Not Just A Laugh raises 50k

Emdad Rahman

The Not Just A Laugh comedy night in aid of Newbury Park Islamic Cultural Centre (NPICC) was a huge success as visitors to The White House venue in Newham were treated to a barrel of laughs by a host of comedians – All for a good cause of course.

Islam Channel presenter Sajid Varda hosted the event. He said: “We’ve had a packed crowd, a full house and three phenomenal acts with lots of laughter. We hope that we can use the support to at last get the works on the NPICC completed.

“Humour is very important, especially in the climate that we are in and Muslims often feel they are under a microscope and their backs are against a wall. It’s just nice for the community to come together and to breathe. Comedy is a great way for people to come out and relax.”

The fun evening included speeches, a slide show presentation of the Mosque project and a three course meal.

Shaikh Jalal Ibn Saeed added: “We’ve had laughter and fun. I want to appeal to the business folk in particular. You have a method to help raise the much needed funds to complete this fantastic project. Make an intention to support NPICC and put some extra shifts in. Believe me once you make a solid intention it will be easy to deliver.”

Comedians lined up for the night included Prince Abdi, Bilal Zafar, Omar Hamdi and Aatif Nawaz.

“It’s been a night of entertainment and guests have enjoyed the comedy acts but also catching up with one another., said joint organiser Dr Jahangir Hussain.

“We are building a legacy here for the community and any support is much appreciated. I would like to reserve special thanks to my colleague Irfan Khoda for his inspirational assistance all throughout.”

Chairman Mohammed Shohidullah was pleased with the event: “I’m glad there are so many happy faces here tonight. We have witnessed the progress of NPICC and it makes me immensely proud of what we have achieved so far.”

Vice chair Mujibul Haque added: “Our project has progressed because the whole community has supported us regardless of who they are. We pray that these efforts will leave a positive and lasting legacy for us all to enjoy.”

Secretary Mohammed Parvez and treasurer Ibrahim Khoda also spoke about a lasting legacy. Parvez said: “Tonight I have seen faces of people I haven’t seen in a long time and therein is the biggest success. The fact that people have given up their evening to be here to support us speaks volumes and I am so proud of this.

Ibrahim Khoda concluded: “My generation will not be here forever but this project will benefit our community for years and years. I thank all for their support and we will always endeavour to use this platform to serve everyone for the greater good.”