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Budding young artist wins Ramadan poster competition

jhhArt by a Tower Hamlets primary school pupil will be seen nationwide as it travels around the country on a van delivering food to mosques during Ramadan.
Seven year old Sangeeta Digpal, from the Clara Grant Primary School in Bow, won Tesco’s Ramadan poster competition. The contest asked entrants to design a poster showing what Ramadan meant to them, and hundreds of pupils at schools across the country entered.
For the Islamic holy month, Tesco has worked with local communities by donating over £20,000 worth of Ramadan related products, such as big bags of chapatti flour, rice and oil, to 20 mosques across the UK to help feed those in need. Each mosque can either use the products for their soup kitchens or donate to the local food bank.
The delivery vehicle will display Sangeeta’s artwork as it travels around the UK.
She has received a £300 donation for Clara Grant Primary School, as well as £100 in Tesco voucher for herself.
Cllr Rachael Saunders, deputy mayor for education and children’s services, said: “Lots of children in the borough got involved in the Ramadan poster competition, which was a great way for children of all faiths and none to learn about the cultural significance of this month. It’s great to see another Tower Hamlets success story – congratulations to Sangeeta!”