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Iftar Mahfil organised by Mirpur Union Welfare Trust UK

FGGLong established Mirpur Union Welfare Trust UK of Jagannathpur Upozila organised a discussion meeting and Iftar Mahfil at a restaurant in East London on 2th June. Chairman of the organisation Alhaj Master Amir Uddin Ahmed presided over the meeting and General Secretary Angur Ali conducted it.

Guests who addressed the audience included Editor of Monthly Darpan Rahmat Ali, General Secretary of Jagannathpur British Bangla Education Trust Mujibur Rahman Mujib, Alhaj Noor Baksh, Abul Koyes Sikdar, Ansar Ahmed, Abdul Ahad Khan, Anwar Khan, Alhaj Muktar Miah, Abul Hossain, Shahjahan, Abdul Muhit, Golaf Khan, Shueb Khan, Juber Ahmed, Mashuk Miah, Akil Hossain, Sayad Hossain and others.

The speakers emphasised on the importance of Mahe Ramjan and urged for more co-operation so that the organisation can play a more important role in development of Mirpur Union.

A Munajat was conducted praying peace for the Muslim Ummah.