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Tipping point – Climate and Society

By Fatema Miah:

Back to Climate science.

The Climate Change has been an alarming issue for last decade. Where the past century of neglegency where accumulation of carbon emission and other neglected landfill gases has been bought to addressing.

Climate is biological and geological science that  also has connection to Natural Physics and Chemistry. The Climate Science is deeply interlinked with society therefore it is a social and political matter that also is faith matter, regardless of one is atheist or God believer.

It is matter of responsibility; of Political powerful individuals, world readers, regional groups, and individuals, needs to collaborate  to input and take responsibility of taking action, working on plan, to participate in to prevent ecological damages.

Worlds leaders are largely responsible to prevent the alarming threat  that posing to our earth.  There is an action plan in placed and an agreement been made in Paris Summit.  Worlds developed countries agreed to a plan and committed to report their contributions.

UK committed to green energy, to scrap diesel cars by 2025 and introduced into hybrid motoring and solar and wind power. US the biggest accumulator of carbon and greenhouse gases, in Trumps  leadership has withdrawn from the summit agreement.

The agreement of the contribution wasn’t made legally binding in the international law, that should have been. Some nations alongside UK  pledged to high contributions. Sweden pledged to phase out all greenhouse gases by 2045.

France will ban all patrol and diesel cars by 2040. Article 28  has been allowed countries to withdraw from the agreement, thus US the biggest accumulator has already  used the Article 28 and withdrawn. The Paris Agreement should have made legally binding without article 28.

The social factor here is the  political tipping points triggered and linked to Climate tipping point.  Here the world’s political leaders and regimes’ are behind Climate tipping points, as such; USs possessiveness in Arab, escalated the social tipping point, suffering from drought triggered on and rebel and civil war adding to not only human suffering, also climate catastrophe. Frying pan to fire.

Syria and drought, the drought is climate cause, though there in Syria,  research shows that the drought effect made longer by the conflicts, what  led by climate changed into social and political tipping point. Equally, in Myanmar the Rohingyas issue is another negative tipping point.

World leaders are responsible of Tipping point of both society and  Climatic. Here in todays world there are clear relation to social to Climate tipping point. Worlds political readers must take action to tackle the issue of negatives tipping points  domino effect of one on other.

Here is  another political danger is that, if the leaders are like, USAs Trump, Syrian Asad, Israeli and Burma like dismissive, power exercising, open genociding before the world how climate science can be tackled completely without domino effect. A contingency plan must be implaced.

The social scenario, tipping points linking to some part of climate tiping points.  War led effects contributing in lacking in vegetation, damages to environment and further adding to landfills.  It’s also accumulated excess heat, caused forest fires and released more smokes to polluting air.

There are pressures on  the Amazon rain forest and other tropical forests.  Human activity in the reason increased. Deforestation and increased in number of forest fires across the region are contributing to dieback.

The dieback term is the process of death in trees and other vegetation, due to number of pressures both internal and external. The pressures includes droughts, disease and unfavourable environment. Higher emmission in air causes dryness, triggers forest fire and changes rainfall pattern.

Fatema Miah, Solihull, uk. fatemamiah@mail.com