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It’s time UK stop supplying Arms to Middle East


Fatema Miah:

Saudi Arabia rightly been pointed at with finger on their face about the truth and  made to apologise, thus an apology isn’t enough.

It is certainly plain injustice, oppression and genocide matter, the killing of the Journalist. Obviously,  Saudi Arabia do not live with expected norm of democracy. It’s very twisted Aristocratic and bureaucratic, manipulative of faith Islam and might of right exercising ragime, that they call it The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

USAs Washington post Journalist murder matters more than Millions of victims across the world by oppressive power abuse and open genocide by leaders  or diesh groups.  Anyways,  it’s is still a great move to positive against arms exploitation and misleading diplomatic relations, when our worlds leaders do take a step against violation and assassinating to oppress voices.

It is time that finally our leaders to wake up to justice and to stand firm for justice and against oppression that they talk of. The weapon market is the highest profit market for western countries. This profit making revenue is a horrific diesh mass men killing source and our western world despite knowing the ongoing mass killing everyday, still do conduct in killing market, producing, manufacturing, negotiationg sell and supplying the arms across the word, to middle east and Asia.

The US journalist Jamal Khashoggi who was disappeared for long time from Saudi Arabia eventually, truth opened up that he was  murdered in Turkey and Saudi Arabia been denying of any connection to his disappearance, now openly apologising for his murder and admits he’s been murdered that is after Turkey broke silence and vowed to open truth.

Donald Trump have been adamant with certainty of Saudis hand behind disappearance of the journalist. Mr Trump has threatened Saudi that Trump will not spare Saudi over Journalists disappearance.  Saudi up until now denied having any connection in disappearance of  the journalist. Now eventually, it’s all open up before the world.

The disappeared journalist was murdered. Taken away from Saudi Arabia scorted to Turkey accompanied by 15 people and 3 more additional people seems to be involved, totall of 18 been made arrest in connection to the journalists murder in Turkey. It has become a global issue. Saudi couldn’t get away with this murder.

Germany, Angela Markel announced to stop supplying weapon to Saudi. Trump also vaguely raised such. It is now time for our Britain to be firm and stop supplying weapon to Saudi, to entire Middle East and Asia Ie,  Myanmar because the weapons are abused and used against helpless people by power abusers and diesh groups.

Myanmar military killing Rohingya ethnic people and Britain still supplying arms and train the malice, still holding a deplomatic relation with Myanmar despite the open genocide and cleansing of an ethnicity. Rohingyas made to scape for dear lives, took shelter in neighbouring Bangladesh, they are still in a temporary state and their fate is undecided yet.

Saudi Arabia, using western weapons supplied by British, European and USA, bombarding and killing the helpless Yamen people and caused famine, diseased affected that depriving children dying of malnourished and malaria. Our human right organisation have on number of occasions reported the suffering situation there, they alerted about devastation there, we are silent.

Our British politicians do not act firmly let alone to stop supplying weapon and dismiss deals. We Britain and US are profit maniac. Saudi Arabia never been fair and overall  they rule with power and discrimination. Moreover, the Current ruler (it’s confusing to put a political title on them because they aren’t on the political marginal norm,) ruling by  is  bullying.

It’s time now Britain to take the step alongside Germany and stop supplying arms to Saudi. All other western countries must join together to suit the match for sake of justice. What to fear about in dismissing deals with Saudi? The oil? Oil coming to end soon and we European on the process to new alternative energy sources.

Holi Relics, there are another factor Saudi Arabia making money off. The Holi Relics it’s not Saudis procession only, Holi Relics are World full of  Muslims possession, and it would be better to let the conscientious and devout Holi Relics loving Muslims to decide on Holi Relics.

Fatema Miah, Solihull, uk. fatemamiah@mail.com