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Have a healthy fast this Ramadan


Muslims in Tower Hamlets are being encouraged to have a healthy Ramadan when it starts on 5/6 May.

People with long-term health conditions such as diabetes are advised to speak to their GP to understand if fasting will impact on their condition, how to manage their medication and what they can do to prevent any adverse reactions.

Muslims are required to fast from dawn to sunset, but those in poor health or who have deteriorating health, the very elderly and mothers who are breastfeeding are exempt from doing so.

Mayor John Biggs said: “It’s important to maintain a balanced diet during Ramadan by including a variety of healthy foods in meals, avoiding  too many sweets or deep fried snacks and to drink plenty of water prior to fasting.

“I wish everyone observing Ramadan peace, harmony and success. Ramadan Mubarak.”

To stay healthy during the 30 days of Ramadan, it is important to:

avoid long periods of time in the sun

drink plenty of plain water during non-fasting hours

cut back on all types of caffeinated drinks including tea, coffee and fizzy drinks

eat a balanced diet during non-fasting hours to keep your body functioning properly during the day. Foods that release energy slowly, including natural unrefined carbohydrates (whole grains, vegetables, fruits) and protein (meat, fish, eggs, beans), will help you maintain your energy levels.

For healthy meal ideas, visit nhs.uk/LiveWell

Mile End Leisure Centre will be extending its opening hours during Ramadan to accommodate residents who will be fasting over the next month.

The extended hours will come into effect from 7 May – 4 June on the following days and times:

Monday to Thursday: 6am to 1am

Friday: 6am to 10pm

Saturday & Sunday: 9am to 5pm

For more information on managing diabetes during Ramadan visit Diabetes UK.