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Mahe Ramadhan Kareem 2019

Fatema Miah:

All the best wishes in this Blessing month of Ramadan/Ramadhan. Happily I am embracing My superb best time in the entire year,  the month of Ramadan.

Insha’Allah by the grace of Lord the creator I/we shall fast from Monday the 6th of May 2019. The 9th Lunar calendar Arabic and Islamic month shall begin from tonight Sunday the 5th.

As I always have since my childhood as far as I can remember even from the time of when I began with fast part of the day, then half a day till became capable to hold fast full day from before the day break to past the sunset hour. Same practiced by my sons. Lovely, I  had I am fasting stickers for my sons. Allah bless them, Ameen.  My fasting is and was  purely to please Allah subhanu tala the lord and the creator.

It was summer long days Ramadan fell in when was early teen began accountable fasting. It was not easy certainly in the Summer days there in London, almost longest time after school in the afternoon the last hours were killing moments for the  chewing habit I had that was a teen norm those days, and early teen Hunger was devastatingly hard. May Allah forgive , it wasn’t an environment as such as nowadays and hijab word kind of didn’t exist for girls and young women, but we did fast.

I have seen the circle of Ramadan changing time,  from summer though to autumn, winter, spring to summer and going down back towards spring/summer. My sons had same hard time teenage and summer fasting, test of iman and they very well have passed the hard tests. May Allah subhanu tala help them always and accept us, Ameen.

Ramadan  is the ninth lunar calendar Arabic month. Fasting in Ramadan was a historical tradition before Islam. Though , it wasn’t specifically legislatively marked down as must fasting in this month neither fasting was a pillar of Islam or any faith. Although, fasting is beneficial for everyone, anyone is welcome to do voluntary fasting in this lunar  month Ramadan, fasting in the Ramadan is a must act for Muslims. And I and we do that to please Allah the creator to build our Akhirat the life after death. May Allah accept it and make it easy . Ameen.

Before I wrote about all the medical and physical, and emotional benefits of fasting. I have given references of medical accounts about fasting and how it’s good for our digestive system.  I must confess and admit that my fasting always was to please Allah the creator as to observe a pillar of Islam as I never had otherwise any digestive systematic dietary  needs to fast for. Contrary, being a girl of figure conscious, Asian/Bengali and halal diet seeking I remain on the low level or the bottom line, to marginal below on hemoglobin and cells count.

In my teenage time, fasting wasn’t a fashionable thing to Asian Muslims in UK. It was few older generation people and the very few Alims or Islamic type of people did observe Ramadan. Those majority who didn’t observed Ramadan and claimed to be fashionable and used the word modern, were they really modern? Where they didn’t even have basic level of primary level equivalent education? Alhamdulillah, by Allahs grace they most in fact almost all are into observing Ramadam and fully into Islam in their late age.

About observing Ramadam it’s not to struggle to death by fasting. Ill, old, children and expectant Mothers are exempt to fast according Quran in chapter 2 Sura AlBakara. There are extra obligatory and voluntary prayers in the nights before fasting in the days. Tarawee prayers are Sunnah examplilery acts of prophets pbuh. Tarawee Ramadan night prayers from 8 to 20 Rakahs followed on regular prayers. Fasting and prayers isn’t about to prove it to others, it’s a self fulfilling spiritual act. Please remember Muslims (specially Pakistani women mentality type).

Those cannot observe fast for any reason still can observe Ramadan and not to eat or show in front of fasting person about you not fasting. Why Pakistani women in Solihull go around seeking attention from non Muslim and telling non Muslims that  as Muslim life is hard. It’s not, Ramadan is blessing for mankind as for me. Saitan is chained down throughout month of Ramadan, (please do not take over Saitans jealousy, gossiping and sneaky acts).

Fasting in the month of Ramadan is fard, must for us Muslims, per it  came in as an agreement between Allah the creator and his last messenger our Prophet Muhammed sa pbuh. Fasting for a month links back to the event of Night of Journey on the 27th of Rajab, when the negotiation took place. Fatema Miah, Solihull, uk. fatemamiah@mail.com