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Climate, environment, biodiversity – Quran and Hadiths (Indonesia)

Fatema Miah:
As I wrote repeatedly previously  climate linked to all subject matters and therefore it is faith matter too and climate Issue is Muslims issue too therefore Muslims must respond to tackle climate matters and take step/ action to protect biodiversity.
I wrote climate issue is faith matter from my common sense of creation and the creator’s law of nature, there is a natural system placed and maintained by the creator. Being a devout practising Muslim I assumed our mankind duty to be caring, not to be destructive to the creation what’s working for our earthy benefit.
I, from, when reading Quran, often I noticed in it mentioned about the nature; flowing river, the rainforests, the crops frields, fruits, the weather, the water circle; rain and the species, and for all creation the creator is the owner who protects them all and maintain the substances. Also Human behaviours is mentioned and ordered to be appreciative and not be destructive.
It concerned me about the climate changing  issue and Muslim countries attitude towards nature, specially the Arab region. Recently Syria has come into climate subject attention due to the horrendous situation there and it’s been open to international eyes for being in devastrating War led  to human suffering and migration. I rose about Bangladesh.
Neglegency towards nature, environment and biodiversity has been obvious matter. Nature care, envimemtal care and ecology care hasn’t been taken place. Neither knowledge seeked to in this subject to apply or to behave in appropriate manner in the past centuries, I wrote in my articles. Advantages taken of the fertile land and the fruits abundantly, thoughtlessly and unappreciatively.
In Arab, what the cause of environmental concern wasn’t allowed to look into. The environment has been abundant and neglected as didn’t matte in focus of oil procession and in competing to western advancement and in power passion. Environment is a real concern in dessert land Arab. There hadn’t been focus in environment per their privileged of Holy relicts what brought them worlds wealth and food essentials from across the world.  What about those verses of Quran and Hadiths explanations, how have they exercised them?
I have just come to know that, there  in Indonesia an Asian Muslim country, in the recent years they have diverted their attention to the environment and by referring to Quran and hadiths have raised environment issue made Fatwa . Environmental degradation is a major challenge in Indonesia, the country which has the largest population of Muslims in the world – over 200 million in 2015.
Faced with the challenges of environmental degradation and climate change, the Ulama Council of Indonesia (MUI), a council of Islamic scholars, has issued several fatwas attempting to address these problems. While Islamic law has no legal authority in Indonesian state law outside of family law, the fatwas of the MUI can carry significant moral weight with the Muslim population.
There is a lenghty pamphlet with the Fatwas.  The pamphlet explores how the MUI have tried to respond to environmental degradation in Indonesia through fatwas. It’s praise worthy that in Indonesia the Olama society have come up with ecology care and Quran and Hadith’s neglected teaching they have high-lighted and put them  into Fatwa to put into law and reformation for environment and biodiversity protection.
The Indonesia Olama society have separate Fatwas, clearly written out  points, one for protecting  the Species and one for the forests. In both they have picked up and enlisted the Quran verses and Hadith explanations, and strongly emphasising in the Fatwas for the government actions  in these matters to protect the forests and the species.
Other Muslim countries specially Arabia region must be pushed to adopt to such. Arab region is blinded in power crave, ego and basking in extravagancy. The Arab Olama league are narrowed down to, dipped in and occupied with, and possessive with Women Fatwa.  There in Arab climate issue is neglected and they don’t allow environment effect to be assessed. They are dismissive about Climate issues. When it is apparently obvious that Arab regions environment is vastly under climate effect. Arab Ocean is badly polluted and urgent actions needed.
The verses from Quran and Hadith explanations Indonesia enlisted about environment and species made Fatwa on, the same to be taken in to account, and other verses about oceans must be highlighted also and Arab regions and other Muslim countries must apply them and raise as  Fatwa at least to bring them to light, to have discussion,  to assess the environmental  and biodiversity issues. I have explained definition of Fatwa in my Fatwa article last week.
From Fatwa, the evaluated issues then can be put forward  into  action plan and law can be reformed accordance to it’s needs to prevent the environmental damage, to attempt to restore ecology and finally to come to alternative solution of decision to migration as and per inevitable for justice. Fatema Miah, Solihull, uk. fatemamiah@mail.com