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Nuclear global warfare, USA versus other Nuclear nations

Fatema Miah:

All taken off from: E ::: MC’2 formula of maths of law of gravity, the mathematics of physics.
Nuclear global warfare began. Entire world in nuclear procession and engaged in exchanging  of threat in this June 2019. Is USA anyhow in hallucination or in fear of it’s Nuclear base empire  stood up at the fall of many empires, likely to be demolished?
The world is now, a nuclear power world, here many nations of every continent having nuclear procession. What’s is next? What is likely to be the destiny of planet earth? Like Einstein said, world will be proud of nuclear power one day that every nation will aquire nuclear weapons, will be threatening one and other  and the destruction will be inevitable.  Has that day come?
Only a year ago in my article about Thorium element  I expressed my feeling of hope (likely  of positive of nuclear atomic ) for worlds peace and progressive turning, since in this decade our physicists working on fusion and in attempts to produce nuclear power through thorium. No. Uranium still the top wanted and must and fission ionisation of atomic nuclear process is the passion of World.  To exercise might to assert power over between nations.
Thorium, when I got to study about and came to know that Thorium what discovered in this decade, that abandoned amount are available across the world, what physicists are working to produce nuclear energy from for power and as energy use. Euro Physics projects working to function fusion again is a positive isotope ionisation of nuclear atomic process what would work as a source of positive form to produce energy.
The thorium chemical and atom is nonprofilirated unlike uranium,  therefore it is believed to be would be the safe and good source for energy production and worlds peace. Where uranium is a profilirated elementary works for warfare explosive type that the elements work to blast and therefore is used in nuclear weapons. Iran seeked nuclear warfare destruction power against global agreement and USA and Trump set to unrest.
At the birth of Nuclear functioning, by Europeans (Einstein) USA registered its birth and took off with the power of Nuclear, been a dominant but unspoken though conquered the world as an empire and began rulling by power dictation. First and foremost USA by tactics made Israel, marked on the face of earth.
Israel was made and Arab unrest poured out to spread out to work like cancer against ( Was it Arabs) or Islam?  How about Iran? Why USA fearful of Iran likely to demolish USAs dictative empire building? Why shouldn’t Iran a millenium long competent scientifically advanced nation, have right of their Nuclear power, when Israel, North Korea, Japan and other nations including India even deceptive Pakistan have right to nuclear procession?
At the found of the nuclear Atomic power, by use and mishandling Turks were by deception defeated and scattered by demolishing Ottoman empire, with support of Arabs. There Arabs were scattered and left to unrest while USA and Israel been built up, exceleratedly progressed ahead with nuclear power and USA became dominant globally.
In their passion of domination, they built and crushed, pulled and pocketed many nations though their power dominant empire continued. In it, the obvious fact was oppression and rule; discrimination is  their open practice. Their favourite after Israel was Pakistan and therefore, Pakistan a poorest nation in South Asia, where 92% population are illiterate and worlds 60% charity for the poor and needy have been seeked and been received by Pakistan and the Pakistan Nation aquire Nuclear weapons.
Pakistan one of world top listed terrorist states deceived global war against terrorism by harbouring terrorists. Pakistan oppresses tribes and mass massacres citizens. USA allied Pakistan supporting massacres and oppression.  Pakistan, being humiliated and lost tie with west  for its terrorisms,  now declared to ally Iran against USA therefore indirectly pakistan is against UK. It’s neighbouring country India is frustrated of Pakistani terrorism and preparedly at war against Pakistan in defence and to protect its interest.
United Nation playing a fantastic partial game of caring for Humanity, justice and being impartial. United Nations do well in writing thesis from unavoidable and un-oppress-able, undeniable truth of wrongs those leave stone carved marks. United Nation seemingly for USAs and Israels interests therefore their wrong actions and plays pass by the eyes of United Nation members.  When United Nation spoke about USAs misleading?  There, Saudi shamefully, unnecessarily killing the helpless Yemeni children.
USA for it’s intolerance towards Iran’s capacity and display of power, are they playing tricks to inflict conflict between Iran and Japan? There Japan ministers and intelligents refuge to fall in the trap game and spoke against USAs assumptive allegation on Iran. How can Japan forget the past Nuclear destruction at the birth of nuclear warfare?  Where Japan faced devastating destruction of Herosima and Nagasaki, the USA stood up and exceleratedly prospered with it’s domination over the world.  There was no mention in BBC news of Japani visit to Tehran talking about the attack in Japanese oil tankers that USA blaming Iran and Iran denying.
In all this multi dimensional political conflicts nuclear energy, atomic Uranium and petroleum oil has been burning, being wasted, radiation caused and released to atmosphere, to hydrosphere and causing damages to environment and ecology, and suffering to human.