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Protest Meeting Held by East Bengal Socialist Party (Jonojuddho)

Press realize: A protest meeting had been held by East Bengal Socialist Party (Jonojuddho, UK Branch on 19th June, Wednesday in an aristocrat restaurant of Manor Park, London. Comrade Wahiduzzaman presided over the meeting.
Speakers in the meeting mentioned the illegal government of Bangladesh is violating Human Rights in every step to permanent their power. Violating Human Rights is a usual activity for this illegal government. They become so desperate to keep hold the state power. So they do not care and do not have respect for law and order, transparency and for our constitution. Indiscriminately they are pressurizing and torturing all the opponent’s leaders and activists. In the meeting the speakers also mentioned, they will keep going with their appeal to international communities to check the horrible human rights situation in Bangladesh.
Comrade Mohitur Rahman, Advisor, East Bengal Socialist Party (Jonojuddho) presented his speech as the main speaker. He said, to win last parliamentary election on 30th December 2018, the present illegal government of Bangladesh influenced and controlled the election using the state administration and police force openly. Even they controlled the election result. In that election, the voters were stopped to vote. Police forces and Bangladesh Awami league leaders openly declared not to go to the polling station. Polling agents for all the opposition parties were kicked out from polling station. Comrade Monitor also said, they are killing the innocent people in the same way, they did in 1973 forming and using the Rokkhi Bahini (Special group from their party to control everything). At present they are killing people in Bangladesh using Police and RAB. People of Bangladesh are now living in prison named Bangladesh. There is no life security for the opposition party members there. He also appeals to the international communities to raise their voice on the present political situation in Bangladesh.
The meeting was presented by Comrade Nahid Hassan. Kamrul Hasan (join Secretary), June Hossein (Join Secretary), Archon Ghosal (Join Secretary), Jahidul Mamun (Organising Secretary), Saiful Islam (International Secretary), Yasin Hussain (Media & Press), Fakrul Islam (Education Secretary), Rimi Bhottacharjo (Welfare Secretary), Masum Jilani (Law Secretary), Sonali Afroz (Women & Children Secretary), Murat Hosen (Treasurer), Executive members Arifur Rahman Khan , Somrat Hossain, Rabiul Awal, Rezaul Islam and others were present in the meeting.
Comrade Wahiduzzaman said there is no rule of law in Bangladesh. From Lower court to the Supreme Court, all of them are fully controlled by this illegal government. So people are deprived of their justice. There are no fundamental rights there.
Comrade Wahiduzzaman further mentioned every activity of this illegal government is illegal in our independent Bangladesh. So the recent Budget presented by this illegal government in parliament is completely illegal. So East Bengal Socialist Party (Jonojuddho) is discarding this budget. He also said that threats, torture, imprisonment, kidnapping, and killing of this autocratic government can not stop them. They always stand by and raise their voice for the general people of Bangladesh.
Last of all Comrade Wahiduzzaman put an agenda to organize to bring all the opposition political parties of Bangladesh in a single platform to step down the illegal government of Bangladesh.