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Warfare and current global affairs (June 2019)

Fatema Miah:

UK parliament selecting the new Prime Minister and there World at War.  Pakistan still hypocrite when talking. India warned Bangladesh.
Can’t say another world war began because this war has been ongoing began with the millenium. Here a page of a flipped passed and turned over chapter reopened. Iran USA, and Middle Eastern unrest isn’t new, not for the current and last few generations. It’s certainly is a global war. We Britons sitting in central regions of home country, why would Middle Eastern conflicts, India Pakistan colliding and USAs power itch should matter to us, or even be any relative news, when UK is on  leader selecting threashold and Brexit is hanging on?
World matters for various of reasons: Middle Easts affairs linked to UK, USA rose and stood too high lurking over towards Middle and East  and will press down UK when collapse down.  UK made Middle East kingdoms and created trade passages and UKs fiscal flow relies on that. Iran been sole self sufficient nation in the Middle East. Since USA stablished and Israel made Iran West collision been taken place.
USA matters to UK not jus because USA is made off UK also because USAs Roosevelt played SMART through Churchill to assert their mark over the world at the collapsing moment of British and European Empires, made Britain in depted to USA and Rochdale ascertained Jews Influence over UK by spreading Jewish financial market over UK and USA. Israel state foundation digged down with such worlds fiscal rock.
The Arabs are too idiotic quarrelsome and adamants, thus their attacking multidimensional and within and regional because they are hypocritical selfish and fun loving extravagant.  Century passed Arabs couldn’t sort to a Jewish-Muslims Solution. There Palestinians been suffering been abused as bait on one hand and Israeli cruelty on the other. However, those Muslims are under Israel constituency seems are happier and not seem to be  oppressed for faith, or abused by misled  interpretations as those are under other Islamic constituency in the region.
USA Mr Trump crazed and restless over Iranian Nuclear weapon. Iran there won’t tolerate USAs nonsense and is ready to give answer back. USA – Iran warfare began though still subtle, the friction is so intense and likely to hit up at any moment. In UK Mrs May isn’t capable to deal with worlds such warmongering and parliament selecting the new Prime Minister. Well done, after lots of requests and petitions UK now suspended Weapon negotiation with Saudi.
What’s Pakistan doing seeked and added more Nuclear war weaponeries, itching for conflicts? India already raged against Pakistan. Imran Khan acting clever and drag Bangladesh example in his speech to prove his regret about Pakistani maliciousness.  Imran Khan hypocritically praising Jinnah, with a falsified fabricated statement of reasoning for Pakistan making. Imran or Nawaz Sharif, When Pakistani  people will seek true education of both moral political idealogy and True Islamic teaching? Since I last wrote contradicting Nawaz Sharif statement Mentioning Sheik Mujibur Rahman example in Nawaz Sharifs own  support, called Mujib a rebel, and  I wrote how dare he is to call a Nationalist Hero a rebel. Now, Mr Khan trying for perfect wordings.
Mr Imran Khan said because Pakistan didn’t give due rights to people, Bangladesh was born, and Mr Jinnahs good intention for Pakistan making was failed by (them) Pakistanis after Jinnah. Pakistani people do for definite need proper and good teaching and they need to acknowledge the true chapters of History. Not just cleverly to deceive, pick Bangladesh, to show you are human and by twist and make it subtle and normal to further deceive people when you Pakistan is filthy shame case in the world.
The hypocrisy there many in one statement in itsself.  Jinnah didn’t make Pakistan to provide minoritys rights. Pakistan was planned by Afghan Iran influence Western regional ie Pushtunistan . Study please. Chain of Irony here. Jinnah was deceived, and used by Pakistanis and still evident, his family members are oppressed. Jinnah deceived Bangalis into Pakistan to strenght the state for Bangalis all rounded skills, qualities and production ability. Jinnah is a  Red Marked devil in Bangali History. Jinnath like his name. Ough, 71s massacre was Jinnahs (mutawaf) ritual was it? . Jinnah, this metaphorical car, after eating  rats didn’t even go to hajj, and you Mr Khan a new cat with your hypocrisy doing (hajj e badal) replacement hajj for him?
Do not forget Pakistan the Blood shed you ran In Bangladesh and you are red handed, blood on your hands and stain on your lap (daaman,  in your word). Bangali never wanted to be Pakistanis. Bangladesh wasn’t born, Bangalis ethnicity declared with their Nation Bangladesh, affirmed.  I declare, Pakistanism  Haram  in accordance to Quran and Islam because, no P in Quran or Islam texts. Jinnah refused to adopt to Arabic as a National Language. Pakistan wasn’t pre Islam era name, for me to respect its originality, rather by misuse and play using name Muslims you made Pakistan, hypocrisy I call it.
•       I experienced I majority are liers by nature,  div minded people, are you all same,  refuse truth, good and  proper learning?  Look at the truth, your entire nation in debt. You  mislead and misinform your citizens and keep them confused and they end up to talk untruth.  More than 60% rely on charity for their survival, and more than 90% left uneducated, for you few individuals’ convenient?
•       There is neither Islam nor Humanity in Pakistansm.
There India failed in  impartiality and in equal treatment towards Bengalis despite Bengalis good quality skills and talent contributions for India, Indians many tribes facing discriminations for casts, and many regions in unrest, and Indian government talking about ineqality treatment towards Hindus in Bangladeshi? India, threatening to invade Bangladesh if the mad people of Bangladesh aren’t controlled by Government, (India phrased it right, yes they are mad).  Would it not be a Hindu Muslim war? India in ongoing  conflict  with Pakistan, India better be careful with it’s words and actions not to further heat up anger in his same Mad  type of citizens and there are vast majority in his India. How India control them from Pakistani influence?
On the other hand, Can Bangladeshi government control the  madness? What next? If India pushes into Bangladesh, what option there for Bangladesh? Bangladesh will divide, Pakistan with the sweet talk of Imran khan will Pakistan again have chance to pull Bangladesh towards Pakistan? During Pakistan making there were few mad injected by ill thoughts, allowed  Bangalis deceived to Pakistan and entire Nation bore the cost. Now plenty full of mads  in Bangladesh in that’s term and in general term, Bangladeshis and strong linked ethnic Bengali seems to be equally and almost all are mad and sick.
The Awame league Party played, shamefully zeal intolerance game of war crime punishment and punished, hanged to death for personal anger, not to the true war criminals. If people were wrong to support Pakistansm from British India, that’s  no way a crime unless they conducted in criminality actions of torturing abusing, supporting the Pakistani abuses.  Political preferences is freedom of choice allowed, although choices can be wrong due to influence.  There were war criminals during 71 war and they are enemy of Islam and hypocrites.  Those Bengalis  accepted Pakistan as a Muslim country, at open of 69 s election they rejected Pakistansm and that’s democratic style.
Best option for Bangladesh to control Islamic preaching and madness,  and Hindus to be monitored as well as to protect their rights and  to watch whether the accusations what they moan about  are true or just their excuse to run into neighbouring India for Hollywood fame?  Bangladeshi people, majority disgrafully shameless they escape their country by making false cases. Where Bangladesh  been blessed with it’ new Irelands to be future Singapore like.  People running away for bounty and the bounty coming down to their land